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Hello and thank you for the invite.

I am an avid movie lover with a great appreciation for art in all of it's many forms. Growing up on comics, naturally I involve myself with all things comic book related and so brings me to my art work. I have taken it upon myself to start creating some movie poster type designs and layouts that began with X-Men Days of Future Past. I would have loved to see some merchandise from that film but because of the rights and where they lay. Marvel will not be producing any really and those designs will be a little hard to enjoy off film. I started with Wolverine and his 'Sentinel War' uniform. It's militaristic and armored for someone who heals quickly but it totally says X-MEN to me. I began with some sketches as I do with all of my pieces but detailed shots of the armor weren't available at the time I was creating this piece. I used what references I had and came up with my comic book adaptation of the design from the film. I designed a cowl that I felt would work as it is a bit stealthy.

This piece measures 11" x 17", comes printed full bleed with no white or black borders and is hand signed by the artist. The 'WOLVERINE' piece is available to purchase at


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