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Everyone is familiar with zombies. They are in video games, movies, Tv shows, books, etc. But what everyone wants to know is if this phenomenon could really happen. So here's your question is a zombie apocalypse real or fiction? The answer to that question is REAL. Now here's why. A zombie apocalypse virus would spread rapidly fast almost like a flu or allergies. A zombie virus would be very strong as well. There would have to be a sort of toxic waste to start one. The virus would be a mixture of the flu and rabies. The virus would be so strong on your brain stems that you would become infected in minutes and then your body would become weak and fragile which would be your flu symptom; your body would also have the deliberance to BITE any flesh that comes in contact with you, which is the rabies symptom.


The preparation for a zombie apocalypse would be like taking shelter for a tornado but it would be a little different. The only difference would be you could stay at your house, in fact that would be the only place you would want to be at the moment. You would want to stay at your home until the virus passes your area, like how you have to stay in a shelter from a tornado until the tornado passes your area. The one thing you would want to do before the virus hits your area would be to get all the resources that you need to survive, for example, food, water (or any fluid but water is recommended), and gas. You wouldn't have to worry about firearms quite yet just a baseball bat or crowbar would be good until you are about 5 days into the apocalypse. One last thing you would have to do to prepare would to make sure all your windows are closed and all your doors are shut and I would even board up your windows and doors just to be extra safe.


Shelter in an apocalypse would be an absolute struggle to find, to find a good one anyway. The best shelter in an apocalypse would be a rural area, an area where a lot of people don't go and haven't been at during the happening if it. For example here are some bad places to make shelter, a mall, an alley of a city, a neighborhood, a hotel, and any urban or suburban area. A store wouldn't be a bad place to be though because it has all the resources you would ever need but you would probably want to go to a mini market and not walmart. You wouldn't keep just one shelter though you would always be moving.


It wouldn't be like the video games such as left 4 dead, dead rising, or even black ops 2 zombies. It would be a physical and mental struggle of survival and life itself. It wouldn't be all fun and games (; get it. You would begin to go insane. You would tell jokes to yourself just to pretend you were talking to someone if you had no one to talk to. Cause ya' know it's an apocalypse. You wouldn't trust anyone you would think survivors were going to kill you for your resources but really they are probably thinking the same thing. So noone would trust eachother. But some people who have nothing to lose would take you in and get to know you and help you survive for the night. The best thing to do though would be to form an alliance with some people so you have more help. That would be a huge help in survival.


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