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For me, fan made CGI superhero short films are usually always a joy to watch. Not demeaning any of the live-action or found footage escapades that super-fans lovingly piece together. It's just exciting to see how talented these laptop geniuses are when it comes to rendering their art.

It's like a hunt for the next Gareth Edwards or Neill Blomkamp, true visionary and young directors/CGI masters that had humble yet incredibly successful beginnings on their journeys to stardom. And look at them now! Edwards is on course to direct a stand alone Star Wars movie, and Blomkamp is reopening another iconic franchise in Alien.

Hopefully digital artist Meas Agun will come to find the same success. The experienced French artist recently released a teaser, of sorts, for a much more grandiose plan for an epic Batman fan film.

Emerging from the wisps of smoke and an immense dark void, we are introduced to an older Batman, surveying his beautifully recreated Gotham with a tasteful sweeping pan shot.

Utilizing the innocent tones of a choir boy to allude to the heartache of Gotham's watchful protector, the score of this beautifully succinct origin story seamlessly traverses Wayne's deep sadness, and crescendos into a flurry of heroic horns and orchestral strings as our hero clears his head and readies himself for another night of lurking within the shadows.

Check it out:

On his teaser's ArtStation page, Agun went into detail about his vision for The Dark Knight:

For all this, I tried to render a classical, generic look as seen in usual comic books, with white eyes, regular suit, and because I loved Dave McKean's "Arkham Asylum" graphic novel, huuuuuuge overweening horns.
I don't care these would be cumbersome in a fight; it just looks awesome!!! And it looks crazy, which Batman is. I mean, he's the 'Dark Knight', tormented, enraged, insane… not a fair, pure white hero.
He also is enormously tall (something like 7.3 feet, without the horns ^^), because he… well… he's a monster. And I pictured him being 50 years old or so, hurt and weary, yet powerful.

But now the time for talk is over, kinda. If you're not able to watch the teaser, take this

Mini Breakdown!

I live for the gifs.

You Think The Night Is Your Alley

Poor punning on my part, but a wonderfully moody way to skim over an all too familiar origin tale.

"Kill the Boy"

The gunshots that murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne appear here like shrouded memories in the melancholic darkness of regret.

Manifestation of Fear

The shape of a bat is made visible as Bruce's young psyche struggles to cope with reality and monsters.

Pretty Nice Mantra

And it does indeed, as we're about to learn in the next gif...

Manifestation of Hope

The beastly bat of Bruce's dreams manifests into Batman's cape. He is fear incarnate, more than a man. The physical embodiment of Jungian archetypes.

Now There's A Batman

What a hero shot! Loving the inclusion of Bats' white eyes.

Lovely This Time Of Year

How good does Agun's Gotham look?! It breathes, it stirs and it festers in the darkness of fear. And Batman is the veritable light at the end of the tunnel.

I really hope this project turns into something bigger, because it's visually stunning and gripping despite its short length. Get over to Meas Agun's YouTube and say "hey!"

(Source: Meas Agun/YouTube)


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