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"Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window," you knew it was time for The Hills when you heard that song beginning to blast from your TV.

The almost real life (I think everyone just came to accept it was slightly scripted) MTV series was great viewing. Either watching after a hard day's work or recording it so you could watch it for some perfect zone out viewing, it was awesome. It seems like so long ago, it started in 2006!

I mean, a gang of friends going out, having fun, drinking too much and arguing, it's like every other group of friends. But that's what made it so addictive, they were just like you and your friends and who doesn't like to be even just a little bit nosy?

At it's height the cast was highly in demand, and then the show's star slowly started to fade, with some jumping ship at just the right time (Lauren) or those that clung on for their almost over celebrity lives (forgive me Spiedi).

So just what is the cast of The Hills doing these days? Let's have a little look, shall we?

Lauren Conrad

Lauren was the main character throughout her time on The Hills. Horrible boyfriends, Jason was like, so mean to her, and then got engaged at a party she was at?! Bad move Jason. Job interviews, blowout arguments with friends and who can forget the "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you" line to Heidi? Burn!

Since leaving the show Lauren has become very successful in her own right. She has written a collection of books for young people which were well received. During the show she dreamed of working in fashion, which is exactly what has happened! She has her own fashion lines called Paper Crown and her successful collaboration with Kohl is simply titled LC.

She also got married to musician William Tell in 2014. Cute!

Audrina Partridge

The beautiful music lover was sadly left heartbroken over and over again by on-off boyfriend Justin which saw her leaving nightclubs in floods of tears the majority of the time vowing she would never get back with him again, only to be seen riding into the sunset on the back of his Harley in the next episode.

Since the demise of the show she featured in her own show Audrina, which aired on VH1, but due to poor ratings was cancelled after one season. She is now the host of NBC's 1st Look, a late night travel series.

Kristin Cavallari

Everyone just loved to hate Kristen, and she didn't care one bit. A rivalry that stemmed from high school between her and Lauren because they both liked Stephen Colletti, Laguna Beach fans know who I'm talking about! Plus she liked Brody, as did Lauren, the drama! So you can guess the two never got along.

Kristin even did the unthinkable and hooked up with Justin Bobby! Which immediately made her public enemy number one for Audrina!

Now she is happily married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and the pair have two children together, and she is currently pregnant with their third. She has also travelled around the world getting involved with charity work. Notably with One Kid One World, a charity helping young children in Kenya.

Whitney Port

Lauren's cupboard confidante, remember that tiny office they shared? Whitney mainly sat at her desk saying "no way" to the highs and lows of Lauren's life. Her colleague at Teen Vogue, the two soon became good friends and the show documented them forging their careers in fashion.

After the show, Whitney moved to New York to work for famous designer Diane von Fürstenberg, this was shown in her own spin off The City. Sadly, the show just lasted for two seasons, but she did meet her soon to be husband Tim Rosenman while filming, as he was the show's producer.

She has since become a very successful designer with her own clothing label Whitney Eve.

Brody Jenner

Son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, Brody was always a prominent playboy growing up. He dated both Kristen and Lauren when on The Hills, as well as flirting with just about everyone and enjoying a what seemed an extremely toxic relationship with one time Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole.

Since then, well, it's been more of the same! Partying and playboy bunnies seem to be Brody's thing, with the odd modeling shoot thrown in.

He also appeared on Keeping up with the Kardashians which showed him engaging in heated discussions with step-mother Kris Jenner.

Lo Bosworth

Outspoken Lo was always giving her opinion, even if people didn't want it, and probably had the best facial expressions ever! That girl gave as good as she got, especially when it came to the living arrangements between herself, Lauren and Audrina!

In 2010 she launched website which features food, fashion and a blog. She also wrote a book of the same name; it was released in January 2011. In early 2013, Lo and a friend, Christianne Amodio, co-founded Revelry House, a brand that is designed to serve the modern hostess which specializes in party supplies.

She also has a beauty channel on YouTube.

Jason Wahler

Now he is a reformed bad boy, but back then a young Jason was at the height of an alcohol addiction when he appeared on the show. His long suffering girlfriend Lauren streaked her mascara down her face many a time due to his antics and disappearing acts. She even gave up on going to Paris to spend the summer with him! (Though he did kind of manipulate her into making that decision.)

But now he's all grown up he has been open with his addiction, even appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010 to help him face his demons. He has also had an E! Hollywood documentary crew document his life, along with his new wife Ashley Slack who he married in 2013.

Justin Bobby

Oh Justin, you lovable rogue! The typical bad boy complete with smoldering looks, a Harley Davidson and musical talent, poor Audrina had no choice but to fall for his charms. Always speaking in riddles, and never giving her a direct answer to any questions regarding their relationship, meant they were off and on more than a light switch.

But eventually they broke up and after leaving the show Justin has gone back to his first love, hairdressing. He owns several salons and also has his own range of hair products called Brush Your Hair and he lives in New York City.

Holly Montag

The ever loyal elder sister to Heidi, Holly tirelessly fought with Spencer Pratt, over his treatment of her sibling. Lots of tears later she exhausted herself attempting to make Heidi see the light and break up with her boyfriend. But it obviously had no impact because the couple are still together, don't worry we will get to them later.

Since leaving the show she has moved to Utah with husband Rich where she works in a drug rehabilitation facility and has recently given birth to a son, Isaiah Hawk Wilson.

Stephanie Pratt

The long suffering sister of Spencer, this meant she was disliked by Lauren until they were enrolled in the same classes at school and then they became BFF's but her brother hated that because he hated Lauren which caused drama, so there were pretty much tears wherever Stephanie went. And she really never tried at all during school. Plus her brother's hatred for Lauren meant he fell out with his own sister because of their friendship. Way harsh.

Stephanie with Josh
Stephanie with Josh

But since then Stephanie has become a reality TV star over the pond in the UK where she stars in Made in Chelsea, a show all about the rich beautiful people of London. She first dated co-star Spencer Matthews who treated her so badly she returned to the US but then went back and is now very much in love with new beau Josh Shepherd and the loved-up pair are now living together in London. Aww.

Spencer Pratt

After starting to date co-star Heidi Montag, Spencer then became famous for driving a wedge between her and Lauren as he had spread a rumor about Lauren, her ex Jason, and an alleged sex tape. Known for his extreme temper and outlandish remarks, he sure knew how to create as much drama as possible, while keeping it all about him. Anyone remember when he really got into crystals?! And he was always so mean to his sister!

Since then, he and his now wife Heidi have embarked on many a reality TV project, not to mention blowing their estimated $10 million fortune on limos champagne, and Mrs. Pratt's surgery bills mustn't have been cheap...

Heidi Montag

When Heidi started her time on the show she was a fresh faced sporty teenager with natural looks and so sweetly naive. But once bitten by the fame bug, poor Heidi started taking a real descent into confidence issues that had painful results.

After she began to date Spencer Pratt, Heidi transformed from girl next door to Playboy Playmate in a short amount of time. She even revealed her plastic surgery to her mom for the show.

After the show ended, Heidi could be seen parading round not wearing very much, so into advertising herself it looked like she would have gone to the opening of an envelope. But together with her husband, they still thrive to get back to their former glories and be huge superstars.

And let's not mention the ill-fated pop career!


My how they've changed. Together they defied all odds and stayed together despite pleas from loved ones to separate. But they proved to everyone they were for keeps, with no less than three marriage proposals aired on the show!

They famously walked off I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! in 2009 claiming they were being bullied by fellow campmates.

Not satisfied with people thinking they were crazy just in the US, they also featured on Celebrity Big Brother, a reality show which shows people living together for weeks in a big house in the UK in 2013, and became hate figures almost instantly! When they left the house they received a huge backlash from the public.

However, Spencer later claimed that he and his wife only act a certain way to create good television, and they merely play characters. Do you believe that?!


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