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In light of Johnny Depp's recent issues with Australian authorities involving his two dogs who were brought into the country undeclared, it probably comes with no surprise that other celebrities have also experienced troubles with the law overseas.

Boo and Pistol
Boo and Pistol

Below is a list of four celebrities who have also had some run-ins with the authorities while visiting foreign countries. It just goes to show you that even if you are a famous star worth millions, you will still be noted for your wrongdoings.

Beyoncé and Jay Z in Cuba

While on a visit to Cuba in 2013, the two were accused of being in breach of U.S. border laws. They were blamed for participating in illegal tourist activities, which means that traveling to the island nation is only allowed under license.

Eventually, Beyoncé and Jay Z were cleared of any illegal activities, which might have been thanks to buddy Barack Obama.

Justin Bieber and his capuchin monkey

After arriving in Germany back in 2013, Bieber was unable to provide the proper paperwork for his capuchin monkey named Mally. German police held onto Mally and told him he may retrieve her when he was able to present the documents.

Bieber was unable to do so, and Mally has since relocated to a German zoo in Hodenhagen near Hanover.

Kelly Clarkson and Jane Austen's ring

After Clarkson had purchased the gold and turquoise ring that belonged to author Jane Austen, U.K. officials staged a movement to retrieve the ring and have it placed at the Jane Austen's House Museum in Hampshire.

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey stamped a hefty export bar on it, causing Clarkson to give the ring up. It finally ended up on display at the museum.

Jeremy Clarkson and his offense car

While U.K.'s Top Gear cast and crew, including Jeremy Clarkson, were filming in Argentina, furious locals began to throw rocks at their cars, eventually driving them out.

What made the locals so infuriated? Clarkson was driving a Porsche with the license plate H982 FKL, which the natives offensively took to refer the war of 1982. Clarkson and his co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, were forced to desert their cars.

I may go over the speed limit every so often... and I might have stayed past curfew before I was of age, but I try to follow the law as much as possible as not to draw attention to myself.

And as a celeb, that task is much more difficult to do. Clearly.



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