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There have been some astonishing rumors flying out from Camp Batman v Superman, and, going by the recently released plot synopsis, it seems like quite a few of them have actually stuck, which is pretty damn exciting.

But with the slow reveal of sweet BvS info, comes the customary deluge of promotional art. Hot off the heels of the two great posters which both display a equally grumpy looking Batman and Superman with their respective logos torn from their faces...

World's Finest & Official
World's Finest & Official

...comes two new images, discovered by Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez, which seem made out to resemble Wild Westian wanted posters.

Despite how cool they may look, I can't shake the feeling that these images aren't actually official. However they do manage to capture the theme of the upcoming caper really well.

Have a look for yourself and then I'll let you in on my reasoning:

Dawn of Justice

*Sighs*. "I'm the shit."
*Sighs*. "I'm the shit."

Absolutely littered with graffiti, I believe each poster is meant to be representative of each city's views on and leaning towards or away from their respective heroes.


Judging by the harsh yet fair messages of discontent embellished over the Man of Steel, the citizens of Metropolis are pretty upset with his cataclysmic battle with Zod. I have no idea why though...

"And then he was like 'POW, MOTHERF**KER!'"
"And then he was like 'POW, MOTHERF**KER!'"

The inclusion of "False God" alludes to the graffiti seen defacing the statue of Supes in the BvS trailer. And "Luthor Is Our Savior" must also allude to the bald baddie's attempt at using Supes' city destroying antics in his favor, in attempt to rally the country together under his banner of faux-humanitarianism.

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Interestingly though, it seems as if Gotham's view on their "watchful protector" differs quite significantly from that of Supes. Batman has been established in Gotham for an age compared to his future adversary, and is seen as big a hero as he is a villain. Vastly misunderstood basically.

HOT #BatmanvSuperman #Promo #Art #Batman

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So Why The Doubt?

As I mentioned earlier, despite how badass and well fitting these posters may be, there are some glaring issues prevalent:

Superman's image has been taken from his turn in Man of Steel, even though BvS has been filming for a while now. If this were official, we would be seeing a completely new image.

Plus the inclusion of "Masked Menace" was also a slight give away...

Batman's version is a lot more legit, the halo being a funny touch. But, unfortunately, again the image gives it away.

A great effort on both counts, it just goes to show that the gap between industry standard and part-time laptop geniuses is growing smaller and smaller. Which is great for us.

So keep up the great work, original creator, and go grab yourself a job in the graphic design industry!

(Source: Heroic Hollywood/Instagram)


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