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If there's one franchise that sums up my childhood then it's by far and away Harry Potter. As a kid I was a Potter super fan: I owned the merchandise, read the books until the covers literally fell off (deepest apologies Goblet of Fire) and had long debates about the ins and outs of the wizarding world with friends. You can imagine then, my absolute delight when I learned they were making the book series into films. For the next 10 years and 8 films, Daniel Radcliffe became Harry, Alan Rickman was a more perfect Snape than I ever imagined from the books, and Ralph Fiennes embodied the most loathsome villain to ever hit screens.

However as much fun as we had spending 10 years watching the stars of Potter grow up through the films, I have a feeling, judging by many of the candid behind-the-scenes moments caught on film, that the cast had just as much, if not more, fun making the films. Take a stroll down memory lane and check out the 15 times the cast of the Harry Potter films definitely had more fun making the films than we did watching them:

1. When Dan, Rupert and Emma proved they could cause trouble out of character too

The troublesome trio right from the first film! And it totally looks as though Rupert is about to rat the other two out!

2. When Harry and Malfoy clowned around on broomstick

As soon as the cameras were switched on they turned into mortal enemies, but behind-the-scenes they were just two friends stoked to be riding on broomsticks!

3. When young Dan Radcliffe was the coolest wizard on the scene

Check those stylin' sunglasses out!

4. When Emma Watson showed her true loyalties

So suave he's charming the ladies over to the dark side!

5. When Rupert and Dan proved that they could get along with Snape!

Alan Rickman seems like such an awesome dude and I can only imagine how hard it would be to keep a straight face while he was saying things like "your father was a SWINE," but then again perhaps Rickman didn't always seem so friendly to Rupert...

6. When Rupert revealed his troublesome side but Snape secretly loved it

Who else really wants to see that picture?!

7. When these villains and heroes united

This photo is unnerving on so many levels: Voldemort having a nose, Bellatrix hugging Dumbledore, dude in the background with a broom just acting like this villain/hero group shot ain't no thang....

8. When Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson showed their sibling-like bond

Just a casual on-screen throttling while Ron looks on doing nothing to interfere.

9. When Dan and Tom were sort of friends behind-the-scenes

Hey, who hasn't threatened to share photos of their friends' poor hair and/or clothing choices before?! I know I have!

11. When Voldemort and Dumbledore would just hang out shooting the breeze

"But seriously Tom, it almost looks real! Who IS your surgeon?!"

I've said it before, but how weird is it to see Voldemort with a nose? It's almost as weird as seeing this:

Just catching up with an old friend, you know how it is!

12. When Bellatrix saw fit to mock the Dark Lord

Well, he does have a tendency to prattle on about things...

13. When Emma totally bummed out Daniel

Check out that cheeky grin in the second to last frame! If it's any conciliation, apparently they both ended up the same height - 5' 5"

14. When Dumbeldore busted a move in front of Snape

He's not a regular headmaster, he's a cool headmaster.

15. When shooting finished and it was obviously super emotional

Ok they're not necessarily having fun in these photos, but surely they wouldn't be acting like this if they hadn't just spent the last 10 years having the time their lives.

Ok, I have to go cry now.

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