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It's always fun to imagine things in competition, even when they pertain to be working together on equal terms. That's exactly why I don't buy the pally nature between Ridley Scott and Neill Blomkamp upon the, as yet still in pre-production, Alien 5 and Prometheus 2. Sure, your projects are aiming not to tread on each other's toes, and you mean to push the Alien brand off into the future in a collaborative effort, but your respective styles and intentions are so different, it's just more interesting to imagine these two films duking it out!

But what if this really isn't a facade of formality? What if Blomkamp and Scott really are staying out of each other's way because they're playing into a grander plan? What if Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 are actually collaborating in some subtle way? Is there anything about each project that could suggest this?

Prometheus 2 is not set on Earth!

Just make this! It will be fine!
Just make this! It will be fine!

So here's what we know about Prometheus 2. It will be a sequel to Prometheus, and is set for release in March 2016. That's all we can run with for sure, for apparently Ridley Scott is a little grumpy with rumors of his project picking up traction online and leading to outright conjecture. Not that you'd be able to tell he was grumpy about it. He looks grumpy about everything!

The alleged setting for Prometheus 2 being Earth has also been debunked , along with the supposed title of "Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth". I'm actually glad for this move away from a terra-centric plot. If the Prometheus movies genuinely want to fit into the Alien canon, then it wouldn't do well to blow all sense of discovery with the Engineers so early in the timeline, and on Earth to boot! That would essentially render Alien a case of Weyland going "yo let's send John Hurt out to that moon that we know everything about! That'll be funny!"

Alien 5 still set on Earth?

How are Weyland Yutani so rich?
How are Weyland Yutani so rich?

It remains unclear which elements of the script to Alien 5 Neill Blomkamp had to change so as not to infringe upon Prometheus 2. It's especially puzzling with the knowledge that Prometheus 2 is indeed not taking place on Earth, and will be set hundreds of years and light years away from the events of Alien 5. What's the conflict then? Perhaps it's something to do extra lore being added that barges through the logic of Prometheus (though then again what couldn't ammarite?) Maybe Blomkamp wants to make it so that robots can get face-hugged and chest-bursted. I mean why not? We've come this far. If you think it sounds stupid then go watch Alien: Resurrection... then be quiet.

It will be amusing if Prometheus 2 constructs the Weyland corporation as a complex and deeply flawed organization that is driven more by curiosity than lust for power, then Alien 5 comes along and shows that they've learned nothing and still want to militarize unstoppable space abominations. This is why I'm so excited for these two releases. The directors seem to have such different desires and intentions that we could be set for the back to back movie equivalent of Pinky and the Brain!

Could a crossover see a new AVP?

No predators found here!
No predators found here!

While the concept of Alien vs Prometheus is something I literally made up just now, and will likely never happen until mass audiences truly lose their desire to see anything serious, it's worth wondering just how these two movies could inhabit the same world. Remember that scene from Interstellar where Jessica Chastain burns her brother's crops, while in the far future, her father is trying to save his mission from sabotage, and it all seems linked but in the end isn't? Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 could be a cross-movie version of that!

In the most basic sense, Prometheus 2 could end with a batch of xenomorph eggs being spewed all over the galaxy, laying dormant for over a hundred years, then upon the events of Alien 5, people start making out with Geiger atrocities just the way we like it! This goes beyond finding a little girl on screen in Prometheus and saying "OMG what if that's Ripley?" I'm suggesting that pieces of information and plot signifiers be scattered across both films that consciously pertain to another story. It may be subtle, or even hard to spot, but this is the way Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 could potentially create a crossover!


Should Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 cross over?


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