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If you were getting excited for the upcoming The Martian, then I've got some pretty good news for you.

The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed the release date of Ridley Scott's upcoming 'Cast Away in space' science fiction has been moved forward to October 2nd.

Originally, the Matt Damon vehicle was due to release on the crowded Thanksgiving weekend. However, it seems it to have bowed out of the competition and moved to the less crowded beginning of October.

Its former release date of November 25th would have placed it in competition with Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and Rocky spin-off, Creed. However, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 would still be in theaters having released five aways earlier. Basically, this is some pretty tough competition.

Alternatively, October 2nd is a bit less blockbuster filled, with the weekend featuring films such as Adam Jones, London Has Fallen and The Walk.

Of course, this news could be read in two ways. Maybe 20th Century Fox has lost confidence in the movie and moved it away from competition? Possibly. But another more optimistic reading is that the studio thinks the film can draw people into the cinema based on its own merits - and not simply because it's releasing on the Thanksgiving weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new release date will position The Martian as "the first all audience event film of the fall."

One possible support for this latter theory could be the generally positive reaction to the first trailer. You can watch that again below:

Its former spot on the 25th of November will now be filled by Fox's Daniel Radcliff and James McAvoy drama, Victor Frankenstein.

Source: TheHollywoodReporter


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