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Even though the Harry Potter book series technically ended in 2007, the magical world J.K. Rowling created has continued to grow and thrive long after we read the last page. Whether it be through social media or Pottermore, a surprising amount has been revealed about the main characters and what became of them later in life.

So here are a few of the things we know about the students and families we came to love after they left Hogwarts, paired with some fan art depicting what these fictional families might look like:

The Potters

Harry, Ginny, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna

Harry became an Auror and at 26 he became the youngest ever Head of the Auror department where he helped revolutionize the department at the Ministry of Magic. After Voldemort's death, Harry lost the ability to talk to snakes and his scar never hurt again.

Following her graduation from Hogwarts, Ginny played Quidditch for the Hollyhead Harpies. After retiring from professional Quidditch to raise her family, Ginny was hired as the Senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.

Harry married Ginny after the war and they had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna.

The Weasleys

Ron, Hermione, Hugo, and Rose

Hermione went back to Hogwarts to pass the NE.W.T.S. after which she worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures while also continuing to work for S.P.E.W. and the rights of non-humans everywhere. She then became the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and helped Kingsley Shacklebolt eradicate antiquated pureblood laws.

Ron worked alongside Harry in the Auror department for a few years, but later left to help George run Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Despite his many successes, what Ron considers to be his "finest hour" was when he, Harry, and Hermione were featured on their own Chocolate Frogs cards.

Ron married Hermione and they had two children named Hugo and Rose.

George, Angelina, Fred, and Roxanne

George Weasley never quite recovered from Fred's death in the war, but he was able to find happiness in marrying his friend, teammate, and fellow Gryffindor Angelina Johnson. Together they had two children, Fred and Roxanne. George continued to run Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes with the help of Ron, who helped it become even more successful than before.

Bill, Fleur, Victoire, Dominique, and Louis

Bill and Fleur Weasley had three children. Two daughters named Victoire and Dominique and a son named Louis. Bill stayed on as a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts.

Percy, Audrey, Molly, and Lucy

Percy Weasley married a woman named Audrey. They had two daughters, Molly and Lucy. Under Kingsley Shacklebolt, the new Minister for Magic, Percy became the Head of the Department of Magical Transportation.

Charlie Weasley

Since he was more interested in Dragons than romance, Charlie Weasley never married or had children of his own. Still, he was far from lonely. When visiting from Romania, he's kept busy entertaining his many nieces and nephews.

The Longbottoms

Neville and Hannah

After the war, Neville worked briefly as an Auror, but eventually made the perfect career choice and became the Herbology Professor at Hogwarts. He married Hannah Abbott, who became the landlady of the Leaky Cauldron. As far as we know the couple remained childless, but Neville is the godfather of Harry's second son Albus Severus.

The Lupins

Teddy Lupin was raised by his grandmother Andromeda, but Harry and the members of the Order also played a large hand in raising him. Like both his parents, he was a half-werewolf Metamorphmagus.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Teddy engaged in a romantic relationship with Victoire Weasley. It's not known if he ever ended up officially marrying into the Potter/Weasley family, but J.K. Rowling suggested he had a son and named him Remus after his late father.

The Scamanders

Luna, Rolf, Lorcan and Lysander

After graduation, Luna Lovegood became a renowned wizarding naturalist. Even though she contributed greatly to her field of study, she never did find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

Luna found happiness with fellow naturalist Rolf Scamander - the grandson of Newt Scamander, the famous Magizoologist and author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The two had a pair of boys, Lorcan and Lysander. The Scamanders remained dear friends with the rest of the Order and they spend time together regularly.

The Malfoys

Draco, Astoria, and Scorpius Hyperion

Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass. They had one son, Scorpius Hyperion. Both Draco and Astoria, both from pureblood families, learned a valuable lesson from the war and abandoned the elitist, hateful mindset in which they had been raised. They raised Scorpius to be much kinder and more accepting than Draco had been while at Hogwarts.

While Draco and Harry never became friends, they had a mutual respect for one another. Draco continued to collect and maintain his family's collection of dark, ancient artifacts, but only as a hobby.

This isn't everything we've learned since the books ended - J.K. Rowling has been generous enough to keep the new information at a pretty steady pace - but a brief summary of the main wizard families. The only thing that really matters is, "All was well."



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