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I can't explain it, but I really love babies. Maybe it's that stereotypical motherly instinct, and maybe it's because they are just so damn cute. Either way, I want to hold everyone's child, and if I hear crying, I instantly wish I could snuggle with the distressed babe and pacify it until I hear that adorable baby laughter.

I cry during Huggies commercials. Phew, it was nice to get that off my chest.

So imagine my jubilance when I discovered NightLiight's Deviant Art page filled to the brim with Anna and Kristoff's baby? But heed warning: the following pictures will make you squeal due to the extreme cuteness.

Rocking Chair Cuddle

Nothing works better for a fussy baby than a rocking chair, a blanket, and some snuggling.

Chubby Cheeks Galore

My mother snapped this exact photo of my father and I when I was an infant. This is just too adorable.

Family of Four

We can all admit that climbing on our parents and messing with their hair was probably one of the most entertaining things in the world as a kid.

Christmas Family Photo

Endless mashed potatoes, hot chocolate, festive princess dresses, and a shiny tree complete with the most hypnotizing lights and an angel on top.

The Sleeping Babe

Just look at the amount of love both Kristoff and Anna have for their precious child.

"The Talk"

We all have to hear that awkward talk eventually somehow, someway.

I now must resist the urge to steal all the babies in Los Angeles, with their cute smiles, little hands, and miniature clothing. I think it's against the law, or something along those lines.

For now, I'll just enjoy Anna and Kristoff's bundles of joy.

[Source: Deviant Art]


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