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One of the underlying best things about Game of Thrones is the fact that a lot of the drama and intrigue surrounding the world we've grown to love could actually be linked to real life events and our own real life world. You could even take a look at the extremely thought-out and detailed map and compare it to actual geography.

The opening credits of the show sweep through the Seven Kingdoms and into the North in what is probably the coolest opening credits sequence in television history. People at Business Insider went through the effort of picking GoT superfan and geographer Sean Garvey's brain to see how the fictional land compares to real life mapping and the results are epic.

Garvey told Business Insider the following...

"What was really important to me when creating this spatial was to maintain a sense of scale for Westeros. Using information gleaned from the book itself (such as the length of the Wall - 300 miles) and blogs such as the one found here. I digitised (i.e. drew) Westeros based on its estimated size and cultural and climatic relationship to our own world."

Here's the awesome result:

Really incredible stuff. Garvey comments on the sheer size of everything in the land.

"You can see straight away how huge this world is. It stretches from the west coast of Ireland all the way to China!"

In order to make this map, Garvey dug into the books to find indications of size and scale, combined those findings with analysis done by other fans, and input all of this data - about 1,500 elements in all - into a mapmaking software called ArcMap.

Here's how it looked in a rough version:

Clearly, an incredible amount of work went into this. I'm glad he did it, though, and I hope this spreads across the Internet because it's amazing.

(Via: Business Insider)


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