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Ever since his infamous interview that signaled a public "meltdown," it's been easy to look at Charlie Sheen as invincible. This is the guy that says he partied harder than any other celebrity ever with the semi-frequent visits to rehab to prove it.

Just watch the way he talks about how he stays "winning," a key strategy for good health:

For those that can't watch the video, this is how he answered when asked about how he's managed to stay alive despite his penchant for vices:

Because I'm me. Because I'm different. I just have a different constitution. I have a different brain, a different heart...Dying's for fools.

Dying may be for fools, but everyone's got to make a hospital visit every now and then. Earlier this week, paramedics were called to Sheen's home for a case of "extreme" food poisoning. Sheen or someone on his team called the fire department instead of calling 911 directly.


Though he was treated in his home, later that same night Sheen was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after reporting chest pains. There, he was treated for dehydration and then released after an hour and a half.

In the end, Charlie Sheen is once again up and kicking. You can't hold him down for long.

(Source: TMZ)


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