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Baldwin Collins

Why not ? he's a living legend, actor/producer/film director icon. Whose film/tv credits are awesome. what he has to offer as a life story on the silverscreen is a massive Catologe of information not to mention his current on going career as a film director. I've been pitching the idea on social media for sometime now. So if this project becomes a reality where would the producers start from ? Obviously you would start with casting the principal actors that are key to the beginning. Who would direct the biopic ? Non other but the man himself Clint Eastwood if i was him, i would cast Scott Eastwood as a younger version of himself to play flashbacks in Clints days in television as character rowdy yates in 'rawhide' (1959) and leading up to Clints entry into sergio leone's spaghetti westerns (1964) however scott Eastwood is clints son. Who would take over playing Clint Eastwood at Middle age ? Nobody but the versatile actor hugh jackman starting with the dirty harry movies (1971) and then Eastwood's directorial debut movie 'play misty for me' (1971) and then finally Clint Eastwood would play himself as the older senior citizen film director. this biopic idea of mine, might never see the light of day, but trust me, just thinking of it. is awesome. if you agree or disagree let me know you're feed back.


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