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Hype for Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman V Superman film has become so intense that it's almost getting uncomfortable! Now the creative geniuses over at LEGO have added fuel to the fire by tweeting out their recreation of the beautiful promotional posters for Dawn of Justice we saw released just a few months back - thus sending Bat-fans the world over into a frenzy! Take a deep breath and bask in the Legoie goodness!

Could this mean we could see some sort of Batman V Superman Lego parody in the upcoming Batman Lego movie set for release in 2017? The guys over at BrickFlix filmed this incredible spoof of what the masterminds at the LEGO headquarters could come up with if they went with this angle.

Very few details have been released about the plot line of the new LEGO movie with only Will Arnett being confirmed to reprise his role once again as the stubborn minded yet loveable Batman. If they were to go with a battle between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel it would be perfect timing as the LEGO version would be released a whole year after Dawn of Justice giving them just enough time to create what could be one of the best spoofs ever!

Who knows which direction they have chosen to go in but one thing is for sure, if they went with this one it would certainly put an end to those who say DC are no fun!


Would you like to see LEGO recreate DC's Iconic Batman V Superman scene?


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