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As underestimating as it seems to be, it's from the Studio that brought us an entire universe, sure with its ups and downs but overall a massively triumphant one, so in a way, maybe not that much. So here's the thing, what could be expected from it, maybe not a boatload of overhyped opinions but something as close to a movie that took us all by surprise, say Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is indeed cheesy at all times but that's actually a plus point, considering it embraces the inherent silliness of its comic book origin. Here's a few stuff that could be supposedly expected from Marvel's Ant-Man.

1. Something related to Hank Pym's original creation of Ultron which was undertaken by Tony Stark in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

For numerous reasons including copyright issues, the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn't fully stick to its comic book counterpart such as Hank Pym creating Ultron or Ultron being made of Adamantium and so on, yet it does feel wondrous as to why Marvel Studios is releasing Ant-Man too along with phase 2 when phase 1 ended with The Avengers, meaning that Age Of Ultron should have concluded phase 2, well who knows, maybe Hank Pym might be involved somehow after all (just a thought to be honest) as Tony Stark doesn't justify creating it literally but refers to it as the Ultron program.

2. A badass train fight sequence.

Admit it, you never saw this coming, even Quicksilver couldn't agree more, this was perhaps the single most badass scene in the first actual Ant-Man trailer and might serve as a unique mind-blowing action sequence.

3. Ant-Man eventually further setting up Civil War.

Since it's been confirmed he's part of the Civil War, he'd either appear in it at some point during that movie's progress or in his very own solo movie. Yet again, it's just a guess, like how Captain America ended up as the man lost in time in the end of his first solo movie.

Who knows? Like what rumors say, he might have the tendency to secretly help all the way, what do you think?


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