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Well, it's finally out! Yes we're talking about Jurassic World, and boy are we excited to have the chance to witness the handsome hunk of Pratt as he trains velociraptors and inevitably saves the day (well we assume so anyway).

So to celebrate, we bring you 6 facts about the original Jurassic Park movie that you may not know (we advise you watch the video, Michael is fun to look at... promise)

Can't be bothered watching? That's cool, here are the facts anyway:

1 & 2. The Dilophosaurus Isn't What You Think.

We're actually killing two birds with one stone here. Remember that cute little guy that found Newman, but then turned out not to be so cute? Well he is a dilophosaurus, however the two attributes us movie buffs came to know him for (the frilled neck and venom spitting) aren't actually capabilities of a dilophosaurus. The venom was added in the original novel and the frilled neck was included by none other than Steven Spielberg.

3. Where Are The Dinosaurs?

Thinking back about the movie, you probably remember nothing but dinosaurs right? It seems like they were the main stars, however that isn't exactly the case. Although the film has an approx. running time of around 127 minutes, only around 15 minutes of film actually features dinosaurs.

4. Sam Neill Actually Burnt His Arm With The Flare.

In one of the most iconic scenes of the movie, Dr. Alan Grant attempts to get the attention of a T-Rex by waving a flare, unfortunately for actor Sam Neill, the phosphorus in the flare hit his arm and burnt him pretty bad.

5. Jaws Finds Its Way Into Jurassic Park

At one point when evil computer nerd Dennis is sitting at his desk, Spielberg's famous shark-killer film 'Jaws' is being played on the computer. Bet you didn't notice that one.

6. Jurassic Park? More Like Ass Park!

And finally, as immature and irrelevant as this fact may seem; with the help of a little mud being strategically splattered across the door of a park vehicle, the Jurassic Park logo is magically transferred into URASSPARK... your ass park... get it? Sorry.

So there you have it, we hope you've found some enjoyment learning a few somewhat enlightening facts about Jurassic Park. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos and follow us right here on Movie Pilot!

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