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Jordan Owen

The latest instalment of Jurassic World has come to theatres and if ever you were perhaps worried that it would follow the same mistakes the previous two films made, or even had doubts about genetically modified dinosaurs and friendly raptors,no need to panic. Jurassic World delivers a spectacle of an adventure that will leave you wanting more.

This film delivers a scale that very much rivals that of the first film. Its ability to form John Hammand's vision of a fully functioning park was most welcoming from the dino rides, the Mosasaur arena and kids excavation, it was an envious level of creativity.

The only issues I thought that could have made even bigger were that the ''wow'' factors were a little brief, we could've done with seeing more of the canoes and the dinosaurs that were seen on the sides of the lake and with more close-ups to really bring the audience in with the characters. I heard that both CGI and animatronics were used but was a little unsure how much of the latter were used, it would have been more preferable, basically it was one of those were there was no need to replace what was perfect. The CGI was however impressive, but it wouldn't have hurt to live up the greatness of the first film to bring more of the realism to the dinosaurs.

In regards to the story, the idea of improving to meet the public demands was clever, and it very much delivered its own a tale of how nature can never truly be controlled how problems may spawn from the issues of wanting bigger and louder. For me it actually got better as the story progressed.

The Indominus was an excellent villain with its role of creating more and more problems as the park staff attempted to contain, and the more problems it made for the characters the more you felt on the edge of your seat.

I was also impressed with easter eggs of the first Jurassic Park film from the old cars to the old and tattered building that turned out to be the entrance in the first film and with a statue of John Hammond himself in the new entrance, even though their was not a close-up of that either. It even had the legendary theme composed by John Williams, but even new music could have been composed to thrill us into the excitement of this new film, not to give Michael Giacchino too much competition.

In regard to the characters, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins) were who really stood out and brought out the interaction with the park and the dinosaurs, and that is the very interaction that we all so dream about, it brought a fresh touch and uncovered the very magic that made the first film is big as it was.

I am most relieved that the raptors and Indominus Rex did not turn out to be the type of dinosaurs you saw in B scifi films and they proved that sometimes crazy ideas can work, the role of genetics and animal taming was an interesting concept and worked well for this film in its own unique way. The only issue I had here maybe was perhaps how the raptors, T-Rex and Mosasaurs all seemed to team up on the I-rex, that to me wasn't quite as realistic, I could understand if the T-Rex suddenly turned on the raptor (Blue) after the Mosasaur took the I-Rex and the Raptor had to run off into the night straight afterwards from the T-Rex, but an alliance or somewhat of a mutual respect between the two seemed a little unrealistic.

Overall as a fan of the franchise I was personally most impressed. It was the film I needed to revitalize my faith in the franchise. I look forward to more adventures following from this film as hinted with Dr. Wu escaping in the helicopter.


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