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Arrow Season 3 was arguable the best of the three, and the finale put the cherry on the already amazing cake. It ended though, so now it's time to review the top 7 most shocking moments of the Arrow Season 3 finale.

7: Thea Becomes Speedy

You know what they say, when one sidekick leaves his girlfriend takes his spot. I was glad to see Thea become Speedy, I'm kinda surprised they waited all season though, I mean, the bow and arrow does run in her blood with her father being one of the greatest villains known to man, her boyfriends being her brothers sidekick, and her brother, the starter of all the masks. Malcolm did train her though, I give him credit for Season 3. She just needed the push into becoming a vigilante.

6: Akio Dies

Why does my favorite character from the flashbacks always die!? And the worst part is little Akio is just a kid, he's just a kid! Stupid Bio Weapon. A main character ALWAYS has to die, in the flashbacks or not, someone always dies! Akio was sadly a victim this season.

5: Maseo leaves Tatsu

Okay, I get how losing your son to someone you've been fighting devastates you, but wouldn't you turn to your family for comfort and not leave them? Sorry Maseo, but that was a stupid decision. He traded his wife Tatsu for the League of Assassins? He got an F on that. Maseo was strong enough and shouldn't have left Tatsu to go kill for the Demon's Head.

4: Malcolm Becomes Ra's Al Ghu

So, the guy who killed Sara and was captured and tortured by the League of Assassins becomes their leaders hey should really not base it off of the gold finger thing, and the prophecy. I'm hoping to see Nyssa plot revenge for Sara's death in season four, but who knows? And I think Malcolmstretched the prophecy a little.

3: Ray's suit, building, and body are in an explosion

So Ray does become a meta-human! Or does his suit just gain the ability to shrink? Either way The Atom is finally going to shrink! Thank you nano tech! And we all know he survives, him being one of the main characters in Legends of Tomorrow. It'll be fun to see how that ends.

2: Oliver and Felicity drive off together

Awwww.... they are finally together. It took long enough, 3 seasons and they just wave it in our face the entire season! Gosh, jerks! Anyway the story had a happy ending and they all live happily ever after, until October. I hope the continue the Olicity romance through the seasons to come.

1: Oliver Kills Ra's Al Ghul

In episode 9 Ra's stabbed Oliver, pushed him off a mountain, and Oliver lived. Now on episode 23 Oliiver stabs Ra's and watches him die. Seasons can be funny and change like that. Ra's Al Ghul is going to stay dead, he's not coming back to life, tell him goodbye. I was so glad to see the man who did nothin but terrorize Team Arrow be defeated. The Demon's Head isn't invincible after all I guess.

Thank you for reading and comment your thoughts on anything I missed or just your thoughts in general.


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