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E3 is coming up and already from pictures we see that Uncharted 4 is going to be a big part of it. Not only that but this will most likely be the last E3 for an Uncharted game from Naughty Dog.

So I do think we will be getting a lot of Uncharted at this E3, the game was originally supposed to come out some time this year but was recently delayed. Not to long ago we did get gameplay for the game that displayed a section of the game. We saw Nathan Drake take on a few thugs and how he movement through the environment. We saw that it was a big improvement over the previous games and what kinda environment the game was going to take place in.

This year I think we are getting another game play section, most likely part of a huge set piece of the game. At previous E3's normally when we saw Uncharted gameplay it was part of a memorable scene from the game. I also think we will be getting a trailer of the game that will show more about the story of the game and possibly a return of some of the characters from previous games.

I'm looking forward to what we could possible see in Uncharted 4 and hopefully it will get me even more excited than I was before.

How much Uncharted 4 do you think we will see at E3? And What other games do you want to see at E3?


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