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There are a lot of games that will be shown at E3 this year, tons of pre rendered trailers and teasers. So I'm making a list of the 3 games that I am hoping they show gameplay for during E3 at some point. We only really know for sure that one of these games will be shown as for the other two we will have to wait and find out.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3

There aren't any confirmations that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be at E3 this year, but from some of the leaks that Disney will have a booth next to Square Enix this year, most likely means there is something Kingdom hearts related.

They did show some test gameplay for the game a few years ago, but to my knowledge that was before they even started the game. It was even on a different engine which they have now switch to the latest Unreal Engine 4.

This is the game I hope to see game play for the most just because I've been anticipating this game to come out for quite a few years now.

2. Mirrors Edge 2

Mirrors Edge 2 is another game I am also excited to see gameplay for, it has already been anounced that the game will release sometime early 2016. Meaning that there should be some gameplay to be shown during EA's press conference. The one thing that makes the franchise so interesting is the gameplay it self and while I did enjoy the gameplay in the first Mirrors Edge game, it could use quite a number if improvments.

We were last shown a CGI anouncement trailer for the game at previous E3's so now would be a great time to finally show some gameplay and give everyone a genereal feel for the game. I would even hope for a playable demo at the convention, if they have finished enough of the game already.

3. Battlefront

The last game on this list is the latest Star Wars Battlefront game. I personally have been waiting since the PS2 era for a new Battlefront game and its finally returning. I am reserving my exciting for this game though as this isn't made from the same company who made the previous games and from all the news that has come out. Seems like it will be some what watered down.

About a month ago was Star Wars Celebration, where it was thought they would show a gameplay trailer of the game. Unfortunately they only show a prerendered trailer that used the games engine.

So seeing gameplay at this point will really determine how much I will be excited for this game and it is said that they will be showing gameplay during E3 so I am very curious to see how it will turn out.

So what games do you want to see Gamplay for at E3?


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