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Until recently I always thought that I could go without FaceBook for any length of time I wanted, that was until the big FB that is FaceBook decided to block my access to it. They claimed simply because I was not born with the name that I use it means that my profile is fake. I was forced to submit official government ID proving that I existed.

Is that fair?

In my opinion the answer is no. They blocked my access to my sole account, an account that I have had for six years. They did this without so much as contacting me about it. On Monday I had full access to my account/profile and then on Tuesday I was unable to log in and was prompted to provide proof of ID as I said before.

Did providing this proof result in renewed access to my profile?

No it did not.

What difference does this make to my life?

As a small time YouTuber I had used FaceBook to create a page devoted to my channel, a page that I used to share pics that I would take at different conventions throughout Ireland.

But now that I have lost access to my profile what will become of all the hard work I put into that page?

I`m afraid I don't know and the big FB are not willing to discuss the matter with me. Or I should say they have not replied to my queries about it.

I suppose I could always create a new profile, and re-add all my friends, and even restart the Page I had for my little channel. But why should I have to do that? Who are FaceBook to tell me who I am? Like I said I was not born with this name, but I have been using it for so long that even when offline I respond to it or variations of it, and some of my friends only know me by my chosen name. That more than any piece of paper proves it is my name.

Since I started writing this rant/article FaceBook have contacted me about my account and claim that despite their own rules saying that they accept official government ID`s as proof of ID they can not accept my one as proof of ID. It is not good enough for them. I have replied to that messege stating that it is the only ID I have under my chosen name, and told them about my specific circumstances for using a stage name if you'll pardon the term. That was over twenty four hours ago and their so called help center which is far from helpful has not deemed it necessary to contact me about it.

They still have not told me why they decided that my profile should be deleted as a fake, nor have they told me what I have done that would make them think that I am not a real person.

On a last note, the image at the top of this article is a cropped screenshot of what happens when I try to log into my FaceBook profile.


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