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When it comes to Disney villains, Frozen's Hans is in the same despicable big league as Scar or Jafar, but why exactly did this privileged young man become so unfathomably cruel?

In the movie, Hans makes references to his position as the thirteenth prince of the Southern Isles and also alludes to the fact that his older brothers had shut him out, and the 'I Found My Place' blog has used this evidence to try and piece together what Hans' childhood might have been like.

They theorize that the reason that Hans has so little care for other people is due to the fact the he was neglected and ignored during crucial stages of his childhood development.

The Odd One Out

Being the youngest of a family of royalty has potential to be isolating and 'I Found My Place' theorizes that Hans was constantly rebuffed when he wanted to play games with his siblings.

An Unheard Voice

Maybe all the times he was ignored led to Hans feel like he wasn't important enough to deserve the attention of others, leading to crippling low self-esteem.

Suffering Alone

Of course, being a polite and well-raised Royal child, Hans didn't want to bother people too much, so it's possible he spent a lot of his time suffering in silence while battling his feelings of inadequacy on his own.

Permanent Psychological Damage

As the speech bubble above shows, 'I Found My Place' theorizes that Hans began to feel like he wasn't worthy of a place in his family structure and felt hollow and desolate for much of his childhood.

Despite this, the prince glued on a smile to keep up face, just like he was supposed to, but everyone around him was too preoccupied to realize it was fake.

While it is obviously hard to sympathize with Hans now we know all about the big reveal, I like this idea because it puts some reasoning behind the prince's drastic actions.

The moment Hans betrays Anna
The moment Hans betrays Anna

After suffering an abusive childhood, some people have compulsions to hurt others in the way that they have been hurt and making Anna, who had a happy and secure childhood, suffer could be Hans' way of settling his score with the world.

Obviously, the actions of this character will never be justified, but it is helpful to think about how he came to be such a callous person. None of us are born evil, after all.

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