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Last week, it was reported that Furious 7 actor Jason Statham was in talks to join Season 2 of Marvel's hit Daredevil Netflix series as the villainous Bullseye. However, it turns out that those talks have gone downhill as the actor has reportedly dropped out of negotiations with Marvel Studios.

Initial reports last week had the actor "deep in negotiations" for the role. Full details as to why talks went south are unknown, however sources claim management for the actor upped their asking price after the fandom's reaction to the news last week. It is also possible that Marvel anticipated this move and broke talks.

In any case, Mr. Statham went on to offer an interesting point of view on Marvel movies in a recent interview on Live! With Kelly & Michael saying: "A lot of the modern sort of action movies I see, Marvel comic sort of things, I just think any guy could do it. I mean, I could take my grandma, put her in a cape, put her on a green screen and they’ll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action. Anybody could do it. I mean they’re relying on stunt doubles, green screen and a $200 million budget. It’s all CGI created. To me it’s not authentic."

In any case, it is a shame talks broke down as we felt Jason Statham would've been a perfect addition to the cast of Daredevil.

Season 1 of the hit show is currently streaming on Netflix, while filming on Season 2 is said to commence this summer.

Are you saddened to hear that Jason Statham will not be traveling to Hell's Kitchen?

(Sources: Screen Crush & Good Morning America Fan)

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