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There are a great number of fandoms that I am a major fan of. From Firefly to Sherlock to Star Wars, and so much more. Two fandoms that have remained near and dear to my heart for many years are the worlds of superheroes and Lord of the Rings.

While the cast of the Lord of the Rings trilogy neared perfection, I can't help but wonder what the movies would be like with a new cast. Perhaps a cast of super-human proportions?

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) - Aragorn

Wolverine and Aragorn have always seemed to be the same character to me. Even though Aragorn is of noble descent, he and Wolverine both follow the "grey hero" archetype. They both fight for the side of good, Wolverine on the side of the X-Men and Aragorn on the side of the Fellowship, but they both aren't quite as noble or pure as say, a character like Captain America.

Hugh Jackman has the ability to pull of the darker side of heroes. While Wolverine can still stand toe-to-toe with the best of villains, he has the dark, mysterious past that makes you incredibly interested in him as a character. He also has that tough, muscular, ranger build that Aragorn needs as well.

Christian Bale (Batman) - Boromir

Boromir is a magnificent character to watch because he isn't noble by any means, but he can still be considered a hero. That scene where Lurtz (the leader of the Uruk-hai at the end of Fellowship) fills him with arrows as Boromir struggles to protect the hobbits is one of the defining moments of the trilogy, and you need to ensure that the same sense of despair is achieved with the replacement actor.

Christian Bale has showed himself to be a talented actor, and I don't just mean when he played Bruce Wayne. He is capable of the regal, Gondorian qualities that Boromir has as well as ability to portray the corruptible lust for power that claims Boromir at the battle of Amon Hen.

Famke Janssen (Jean Grey/Phoenix) - Lady Galadriel

At first I had Famke Janssen cast as Arwen, but she has so many similarities to Galadriel that I had to switch her. She has that same serene, almost ethereal beauty that Galadriel possesses. If she were to walk on-screen with that bright white dress and long pale hair, we would get the same chills down our spine that we got with Cate Blanchett.

Aside with the strong presence, she has similar physical qualities as Galadriel, like her tall slim frame and sharp, elvish-like facial features. Besides, her Phoenix appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand reminded me quite a bit of Galadriel's demonic appearance during the fountain scene in Fellowship of the Ring.

Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) - Frodo Baggins

While Frodo has never been my favorite hobbit (Samwise all the way!) he is still the overall protagonist and key character to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To play Frodo, you need someone with a somewhat innocent charm to make it believable that he has lived a cushy life in the Shire, but he needs that spark of adventure behind his eyes that would explain his quest to deliver the ring to Mordor.

While Andrew Garfield is a bit tall to play a hobbit (they can always use CGI), he still has that boyish charm and adventurous attitude that is necessary to play the savior of Middle-Earth. Not to mention I would love to see how the ring could corrupt Garfield the way it corrupted Elijah Wood.

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Quicksilver) - Legolas Greenleaf

I went through quite a bit of trial and error with re-casting Legolas because I have always admired the character so much. Orlando Bloom really contributed a lot to the character, so you really need an actor of equal talent and charisma to mirror the elvish glory that is Legolas.

I ultimately decided on Aaron Tyler Johnson because of his charisma as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His character had a lot of lovable humorous qualities to him, but he is still more than capable of posing as a tough, intimidating figure like in the scene with Ulysses Klaw.

His looks are also perfect for the role. He has that slender, sleek figure that Bloom has. Not to mention his ears already look slightly pointed, so bonus!

Kelsey Grammer (Beast) - Gimli

I actually have to credit my awesome dad for this one. I was stumped with Gimli until he suggested Kelsey Grammer, and I couldn't agree more. While X-Men: The Last Stand is the only film that I have watched Grammer in, (other than Toy Story 2, but that doesn't count) his ability to play the dwarf is very apparent.

Grammer has shown his ability to pull of the proper side of Hank McCoy, as well as the primal side of the Beast. He could easily pull of the gruff, surly attitude that Gimli has, as well as the lovable, cheery side of the dwarf. Just imagine Grammer hacking through Orcs, calling out "Twenty-one! Twenty-two! Twenty-three!"

Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto) - Gandalf the Grey

I know this is sort of cheating, but come on. Sir Ian McKellen is the perfect Gandalf. He is the very vision of the wizard I pictured in the books. He is Gandalf as much as Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. They are one and the same, and I doubt anyone could ever hope to replace him.

For the sake of re-casting, if I really had to make a different decision to play Gandalf, I would have to go with Sir Ian's good friend Sir Patrick Stewart, who played Professor Xavier in the X-Men movies. Stewart was originally offered the role before McKellen, but he turned it down. He does give off the wise mentor vibe that Gandalf needs, so I guess he would be an adequate replacement.

There are still a lot of characters I haven't re-cast yet for the sake of article length, but if you would like to see me make a second part to this article, let me know in the comments below! Also make sure to voice your own opinion on who you would cast as the roles of the Fellowship!


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