ByDan Gorman, writer at

Ethan Embry versus an out-of-control killer robot voiced by William H. Macy in what is essentially Short Circuit meets Chopping Mall.

Yes, Evolver (1995) just as entertaining as it sounds - this movie is a barrel of fun. It starts as a super-silly 90s virtual reality techno-thriller - with Embry battling to win a home-version of his favourite immersive, occulus rift-esque arcade game - and then moves into slasher-esque mode when he brings the titular Evolver robot home and realizes it has a thirst for blood.

When Evolver totals a van from the inside and then busts through the back doors, you'll stand up and cheer. And then, when he blows the van up after saying "DELETE... THIS!" you'll probably just explode with glee. I'm not one for cheering on the heroes and the villains in movies like this, but Evolver is just so silly and hilarious - he even loads kitchen knives into his nerf-gun hands and transforms like a transformer. Macy brings a charm and knowing-wit to his voice acting here, getting more and more robo-upset as the film goes on, finally exclaiming with angry scene-chewing excitement "Evolver NEVER LOSES!" in the climax.

The filmmakers here completely and totally know what kind of movie they are making, and don't strive to make anything more than a middle-of-the-road thriller in the best possible way.

It's just a real fine solid slab of cheese.


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