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Remeber a time when people made a review and people listened to the review and didn't complain about ratings. Film is subjective, art is subjective A movie reviewer who goes by the name of Jeremy Jahns made a review for a film call interstellar he gave the film a good time no alcohol required but the review he explained why he liked and and why he didn't and he explained why he like different movies more. He was Hassled and for many days because he didn't give interstellar his highest rating and respect that he knew the back lash would be bad.

Okay let's flash forward when in my Personal opinion the best action movie in 10 years came out. Mad max fury road Jeremy gave the film a buy it on blu ray and extremly positive review and rating he praised the film through out but because he gave avengers AOU a higher grade he was told he was a fan boy and shouldnt review movies. If people watched the review they would know he loved them both now Jurassic world he said it doesn't capture the magic and of Jurassic park and prasied the film for being fun but it wasn't his cup of tea and explained why it was the rating of good time while drunk that set off the community saying you wanted it to be Jurassic park so that's why you didn't give a higher grade.

My point being the grade is for personal thoughts and it will suck for people like me who want to know the FLICKpick and schmoes know, Chris stuckmann and Jeremy's personal thought of the films quality and own enjoyment level if we have to sacrifice that sucks but if you want the rating systems to be used then stop complaing and watch the review SIMPLE AS THAT.

(Note:I by no means represent Jeremy jahns Chris stuckmann schmoes know or the flick pick in any way I used then as examples.)


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