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I was privileged to be a part of a pre-screening of Legendary Pictures "Jurassic World" this morning. We have all been awaiting this movie with baited breath since 04, and I am very much pleased to tell you all, it does in fact hold up!! While I don't wish to give too much of the plot away, I do have a few words about the film. When describing the overall experience of this blockbuster one phrase that comes to mind is freaking awesome! Then again that may be my inner child gushing about dinosaurs! Genetic's, pack mentality, the study of lineage, and humanity playing god all tie together as wonderfully independent themes, while still making this one big succulent plot condensed nicely. Not to mention the implicit continuation and open ending of the film implies one thing in my mind-inter species warfare yet to come.

For the first time in my life I was treated to a movie that makes a traditional practical effects guy, like me, actually believe that CGI can, in fact submerse you in a sense of realism. This movie featured the most seamless blend of reality and digital art. You can definitely tell the difference, but for the most part, I was fully willing to believe the dinosaurs were a real piece of the environment around them. The same goes for the digitally created and altered landscapes, they were incredibly believable, not blocky or blotchy and oh my the detail of those dinosaurs skins. Also one thing that set this film far apart from it's Spielberg counterparts, is the unadulterated brutality! I was truly shocked and awed in regards to some of the events that unfolded on screen in front of me. I couldn't believe at points this movie had a PG-13 rating, like I said absolutely brutal. Between this movie and Tomorrowland I am convinced that the MPAA is not only in the pocket of big-budget studio's but are now selling their ratings. This movie is really intense for it's PG-13 rating; if anything indie tried to depict the violence that was on screen it definitely would have had an R rating in my opinion...but that doesn't mean I didn't absolutely love this movie. This was attributed to the great mix of practical and the incredible digital effects I can't seem to stop raving about.

I have expressed my beliefs of the medium of digitally created effects as looking shabby and not allowing for my suspension of disbelief a few times before.,manual For instance, I have a certain distaste for Pacific Rim because of the cheese that is loaded atop it's design. It was so clear in that movie the difference of practical and digital. None of the robots seemed at all like they weren't painted onto the landscape. everything was very separate, and really hard for me to find believable because it looked just so fake, and that's not the only blockbuster showcasing digital effects of late I couldn't get behind. Quite honestly, while I was entertained by the Godzilla movie, it just didn't do it for me. Again, the monsters just looked like they didn't belong in the world where they existed. On top of that the destruction of buildings on screen was very clearly transposed on top of a real landscape. In contrast, Jurassic World puts together the two mediums together in such a way that there is magic onscreen.

Jurassic World definitely has it's flaws. You can tell the difference between reality and not, the texture of the digital animals still just doesn't hold up to Animatronics, or real skin. But for the first time my mind allowed itself to be tricked by the art on screen, and man, it sure was one hell of a ride. Even when you see real characters side by side the digitized animals, they all look like they belong together. An unbelievable attention to detail bring's our every cell of the dino's skins, in such a way that it is believable next to real flesh and bone. Truly this film was a work of passion on all fronts.

The grittiness of this movie exceeds it predecessor, while still hitting home with comic relief to make the events on screen not as horrific. Usually, I am not a fan of this campy approach, but it worked so well for Trevorrow's baffling script. Not to mention there are numerous new scientific methodology and thought trains being introduced in this movie, each extremely well developed and all working together to bring relevant concerns to our constantly changing world.

Aside from a few sub-par performances, and a couple of stupid underdeveloped family issues, this was a really solid film. Maybe it's my inner nerd, and my love for the prior movies, but I give this film two thumbs up. Jurassic World still has a lot of room for improvement but, I was thoroughly entertained in this romp, and remember we are now "the canary not the cat," no-one is safe!

(Edited by McKenzie Flowers Fergus)


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