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Im like many others on MoviePilot. Comic books to comic movies/TV series. Sci-Fi, action, and fantasy movies, you name it, Im a fan of it.

For a change Im writing about something a little different to the usual today. Instead of comic books, movies, TV series and all Hollywood stuff I going talk about a project I was recently involved with. I haven't done this before and I might one day write an article explaining about myself and what MoviePilot has done for me, but right now Im just gonna focus on this project I helped out on.

After recently watching 'Lights Out', a short horror film on youtube, one of my friends decided he wanted to make something similar. So he wrote the script, got in contact with me and another friend to talk about shooting it and BANG, we were off.

I spent two nights around his house assisting in making the film. I did a variety of roles including, assistant directing, camera assist, BTS, set pictures and playing the evil demon. The film was shot on a Canon 60D and was done a budget of practically nothing. The only main purchases that were made was for the food and drink that we had. We used two DIY lights and a studio soft box. With the opening scene we had the tripod put onto a skateboard to do a tracking shot. Both shoots went fairly well apart from a few scenes needing to be re-shot on the second night. We had a laugh, came across a few challenges here and there but all in all we had a good time.

Now all I ask is if YOU, the audience would give this short film a watch. I would highly appreciate it. There are plans to make more short films throughout the year so if you are interested in what else we do, follow my friends Vimeo channel.

Until next time.


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