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Nothing to see guys. Go home. Bubble busted. It was nothing but an announcement for a Spaceballs blu-ray steel-tin release.

Yes...I'm as disappointed as you are.

You can read the original article below if you'd like to make fun of my over optimism.


The official FB page just made a post saying the announcement will come at noon. However, they failed to mention what timezone they're going by cause it's definitely past noon on my end. Stay tuned and I'll update this page as more news comes in.

Original story down below:


May The Schwarzt Be With You!

Fact: Spaceballs is one of the greatest parody films ever released.

Spaceballs, as many of you (should) know, was not the only Star Wars parody to ever be produced, but it was the best. It poked fun at Lucas' original trilogy, while also paying respect to the source material and also found the legs to stand on its own. You could watch Spaceballs without ever watching a Star Wars movie in your life, and you'd still enjoy it immensely. I've honestly lost count of how many times I've seen Spaceballs and yet that fact in no way deters me from ever watching it again.

Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, is a sequel that fans have wanted for decades. We all knew it was just a silly title meant to take a jab at the commercialisation of Star Wars, but we didn't care. Many of us actually gave up hope on the movie ever happening, but now I guess you can say Mel Brooks has given us...a new hope.

Take a look at what was posted on the official Spaceballs Facebook account earlier today:

Set excitement for LUDICROUS HYPE!
Set excitement for LUDICROUS HYPE!

I know this is not a confirmation that we will get a Spaceballs 2 announcement, but at the same time, it sort of is. Mel Brooks has been very vocal recently about his desire to do the sequel and would even try to get as much of the original cast back on board. Take into consideration that a new Star Wars trilogy is set to begin this December, and you have a very good reason to believe Spaceballs 2 is going to happen.

Or I could be overly optimistic.

I don't care.

I want Spaceballs 2.



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