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As much as I love to blog about Marvel films and DC television, I'm also an avid comic reader of both Marvel and DC. Currently Marvel is in the process of changing up their comics drastically. They've got secret wars going on, and Battleworld is filled with incredible stories written and drawn by some of the best talent out there.

The sheer scale of Secret Wars has been astounding. Aside from being possible the biggest story Marvel has ever told, with a whole three and a half years of build up, Secret Wars is also ending the Marvel Ultimate Universe, and merging it with the Earth-616 we all know and love, to form an All New All Different Marvel Universe. We've started seeing a flood of images suggesting what we will see after the final pages of secret wars, like these:

Now as you try to contain your excitement about an All-female team of Avengers, and the rise of more and more Inhumans titles, it's also interesting to see the changes to the characters in that third photo. First thing you see is the three Spider characters. What you have there is Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen. The latter two are from alternate universes and are clearly being merged with the main Marvel Universe. The female Thor is also here to stay, as is Sam Wilson (formerly Falcon) as Captain America, with Steve Rogers remaining old (tears fall from my eyes). But another thing you may not notice until you look again is that Iron Man is looking a little different. It's certainly a sleeker armour, and we've just been told more about it, his new title, and why he is at the front of that picture. Check out the IGN article here.

This is the front cover for the first issue of the new post secret wars Iron Man series. If you didn't jump out of your seat upon reading the name Brian Michael Bendis on top of that picture, read this. He's a legend, and him taking over as the Iron Man writer promises a huge amount. I can't wait for this new title. They've stated pretty explicitly in that article that Iron Man is very much front and centre in the new Marvel line up. Recently the Iron Man solo comics have been a little below par, and I can't wait for them to pick up again with this new title. Bendis is bound to introduce new villains, new friends, and a whole bunch of incredible stories. He's a master of the art, and I am getting the first issue as soon as it is out!


Are you excited for the new Iron Man title?


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