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My family........... was always "religious "taken me to church to learn about"God". I always hated "God" I never believed in his existence but my parents always insisted that there was a "God".I always pretended that I believed in "God"to my parents and every other religious people. I always felted weird about this not letting my real self out but there was a force telling me to be like that.After a while I personally became more into the dark side praying to the Devil.Every Second that passed I always felt a strong presence around me like if someone was always right next to me. I KEPT going to church, but that was only because my parents where forcing me to go.BY the time the it was all over I started to feel possed like destroying everything that had to do with"Jesus Crist".Out of now where I started to explode of extreme anger I had a lost look I was going insane. As soon the stupid priest came along with his bible...... i became for violent .Every second of darkness that passed i became possed forever i and i still am i was born with a demon inside of me.............. that


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