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Grew up reading comics, love all genre of movies and video games. Would love to share my thoughts and ideas so thank you movie pilot!
Cordel Snyder

So I seen this contest on moviepilot and the basis is to re-cast any movie, TV show or video game with anyone I want! And I have decided to recast the "Avengers Age of Ultron", now don't get me wrong, the movie was amazing (minus a few hiccups here and there *cough* Thor's bath scene *cough*) but all in all the movie kicked ass!

I mean c'mon, RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson, Jermery Renner, Elizabeth Olson, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany, The Ruffalo? I mean if that's not a-list enough for you I doubt anything is! I honestly love the current cast long as they keep doing what they're doing, but if I were directing "Age of Ultron" here's who I would cast and why, so please enjoy!

1. Iron Man - Joseph Gordon Levitt

JGL vs. RDJ, it's a close race I must say, I love Robert Downey Jr. not just in the Iron man movies but as an actor period. Which is why Joe would be grate as Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, superhero, the list goes on I assure you, and JGL just has this type of swagger, this cocky, badass "I'm gonna do whatever I want" vibe that is just begging to be seen by Marvel fans everywhere! There's no question Joe can act, he's becoming more and more of a house-hold name, and every year he perfects his craft a little more, so why not have him helm his own multi-billion-dollar blockbuster? Why not indeed! RDJ is getting up there in terms of age, not saying he needs to be young to be a great actor, but I'm sure there's plenty of other projects he'd love to work on, and why shouldn't he? The guys a national treasure, he's paid his dues, deserves some down time with the Downey fam.

Joe on the other hand, is young (34 compared to RDJ hitting 50 this year) , in his prime, and ready to make his mark on the world of film, hell he pretty much already has. I mean it's only logical, if the MCU gods hear my prayers then please, make an Iron Man movie where RDJ mentors JGL into becoming the new Iron Man!

2. Hulk - Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of those actors who everybodies heard about, but he's not a mega-blockbuster, house-hold name, least not yet. Jake has shown that he's willing to commit to a roll, to embrace himself fully in a roll, and he's come a very long way compared to when he first started in his career (Bubble-Boy anyone?). I think I chose Mr. Gyllenhaal because he's earned my respect as an actor, as an artist of the film industry. Mark Ruffalo's performance as Bruce Banner is uncanny, truly the best Hulk we have out there at the moment, but like all the greats he can't do this forever. If Universal studios can get there sh*t together and let Marvel make their own Hulk movie, I believe Mark can get the screen time he properly deserves, a story all his own. Because eventually, The Ruffalo, like RDJ, has to pass the MCU torch, and who else better to pass it to than The Gyllenhaal?

Like JGL, Gyllenhaal's young, in his prime and hopefully has nothing better to do than play a gamma scientist/green rage monster. It's not just about the looks either, Bruce Banner has one of the most tragic stories in the marvel universe, a brilliant man trying to help the world and keep it safe from, mainly, himself. I personally would love to see Ole' Jake be his own worst enemy, constantly at war with himself, the man and the monster, of course it wouldn't hurt if he was punching alien monsters in the face with giant green fist while he was at it!

3. Captain America - Channing Tatum

Yes, yes I know "Tatum-syndrome" but c'mon the dudes a star, got all the qualitys, the looks, the charm. Everybody thought funny-guy Chris Evans would be a weird fit for the Cap but you know he whooped all kinds of ass in "Winter Soldier". Channing has proven he can star in an action movies, proven he can deliver the laughs in comedy movies to, so I fail to see why he can't portay Americas Golden Boy. Cap is more on the serious side compared to some of his teammates, but Chan (yes I am giving him the nickname "Chan") isn't too far out of his element. Chris Evans is awesome as Steve Rogers, a "man out of time" as Loki would say, a very traditional, good mannered, no non-sense, badass, patriot of justice. Whose to say Chan can't provid that same dynamic, not saying it's going to be easy, those are some big red boots to fill.

But if anybody can be a badass with good manners, it's the Chan-man! In terms of age, him and Mr. Evans are about the same, both being in their mid-30's. Both are great actors with model bodies and 7-figure bank accounts, it's really not fair. Captain America isn't just a pretty face though, he's the OG, top dog, king of the hill, the trail-blazer, one of the greatest heroes of one of the greatest nations (hallelujah!). But if anyone could replace Chris Evans with little-to-no complaints, I'd put my money on Channing Tatum!

4. Hawkeye - Michael B. Jordan

Now I know some of you are probably saying "what?" right about now but I assure you I wouldn't have picked Michael B without good reason. Jermery Renner's Hawkeye aka Clint Barton was brilliant, especially in "Age of Ultron" the witty, bow-wielding, former assasin-turned-super-hero was on of the highlights of the film in fact. But if Michael was at the reins I'm sure it would have been just as enjoyable. I'm not sure if Marvel Comics even have a black-hawkeye, but if they did he'd probably be awesome, and if they do somebody better tell me what that issue is called! It's not so much for diversity, but more to help Michael get his name in lights. The budding young actor is fine-tuning his film career, getting his name out there more and more with each movie. The guys gonna be the next Human-Torch if you didn't know already (if you didn't you need to move out from under that rock), but since Marvel's first family belongs to Fox, I doubt we'll see Johnny Storm and Clint Barton trading witty banter together anytime soon.

Jeremey Renner as Hawkeye was great, Michael B Jordan as Hawkeye would be great to. I suppose I can settle for Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot, but if that bombs maybe marvel can finally get back it's super quartet, and I can finally watch the Thing fight the Hulk (oh god that would be so nice!).

5. Black Widow - Emma Stone

Not just any woman outta Hollywood can play the leather cladded-Russian-spy. It takes a special breed of women to have that blend of sexy and deadly, Emma Stone, my friends, is that woman! She's proven time and time again that she's a comedy icon, but whose to say that she can't be a gun-toting, gadget wielding, black jump-suit rocking, martial-arts master of death (that was a mouthful). Scarlett is incredible and there are very few women who could stand in for her, VERY FEW. Which is why I took my time picking a potential replacement, and I'm pretty happy with my choice. Emma Stone's stared in comic movies before, in The Amazing Spider-Man and the epically overcrowded Amazing Spider-Man 2 she played Spideys love interest Gwen Stacy, but I always felt Emma was capable of so much more than just getting kidnapped, saved, murderd by green goblin ect.

I think she, as Natasha Romanoff (her last name's spelled different in the comics), would be something to see on the big screen. Scarlett Johannson really made me care for and love black widow as the first female MCU super-heroine ever! And if Emma Stone had the role she'd make me love Natasha just as much! Props to you Emma!

6. Quicksilver - Dylan O'Brien

If Marvel Studios had decided to keep Quicksilver instead of killing him off I would have picked Dylan O'Brien to be the white-haired speedster. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was good, but I felt like he never had his proper time to shine, until he died of course. I've heard a few rumors stating Marvel gave up their rights to Quicksilver to Fox, so they could over on Scarlett Witch, I mean let's face it Evan Peters Quicksilver in "Days of Future Past" was way more epic! If things had gone the other way and Quicksilver was apart of the "New Avengers" I'm sure Aaron would have been onboard, but if I had things my way Dylan would have been playing Pietro Maximoff and he would have been signed on for at least 5 movies!

Dylan's young (23, only a year older than me) and hasn't truly established himself as an A-lister, least not yet. If he were the one playing Quicksilver, I can guarantee people would have left the movie theater, jumped on their phones and Googled "Quicksilver actor from Age of Ultron" and voilà Dylan O'Brien just became star! One day Dylan, one day!

7. Scarlet Witch - Emma Watson

If we can have two Chris's in the actual cast, why not two Emma's in the alternate one? Miss Watson is an outstanding actress, she was probably my favorite Harry Potter character (next to Daniel Radcliff as Mr. Potter). She's at a high-point in her career and it can only get better from here, I mean who wouldn't want to see a Marvel movie with Emma Watson in it? I honestly thought she was older than 25, but that's good news because it means she has at least 20+ years of movies to make, AT LEAST! And before I die I'm fairly certain Emma Watson will be as famous as Johnny Depp (if she isn't already). Got the skills and the looks to be a wonderful Wanda Maximoff, wouldn't be a bad match with Dylan O'Brien either.

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful female characters in the entire Marvel Universe. She can bend reality to her will, HER WILL, which means basically anything is fair game as far as she's concerned. Elizabeth Olsen was a great Scarlet Witch (minus the accent) but I feel, and this is just my opinion here, Emma Watson would have made her so much more....what's the word....brilliant! (Thanks Hermonie)

8. Vision - Cillian Murphey

I believe that Cillian Murphey could play either a criminal mastermind, or heroic super-genius. I mean have you heard the man say a sentence? He could say "blueberry pie" and it would sound like he's telling you a math equation, that's just something you can't teach. Paul Bettany is a great Vision and an awesome J.A.R.V.I.S, but would you really mind if Cillian was the voice of Tony Starks artificial intelligent companion? Cillian's not much younger than Paul, but I think he's been playing the bad guy for too long, he's paid his due's and he deserves to kick some evil-ass! And really why wouldn't he?

Who doesn't want to be a hero in a marvel movie? Cillian could portray marvels favorite android just as good, if not better, than Paul Bettany. I have never seen Mr. Bettany in any movie besides the MCU so I have no right to judge his acting. Cillian Murphey I have seen in many a movie, so I know he's got the talent to pull it off. He was a great villian in Nolans Bat-verse, and he would be an incredible hero in Marvels Cinamatic Universe, he don't even have to be Vision, long as he's in a Marvel movie I would be a happy fan! Fa-Sho!

9. Thor - Jennifer Lawrence

Now I know what your thinking "But Thor's a dude" and trust me Chris Hemsworth as Thor was fantastic! But in recent Marvel comics they turned the New Thor into a woman, and comic sales have been shooting up ever since. And why shouldn't we have more gender diversity (I can tell you right now Thor's bath scene would have been a lot more enjoyable). Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much a house-hold name already, who hasn't seen Hunger Games right? So I figured it would just add to the star appeal throwing her in the MCU hitting evil hench-men with a magic hammer. It just feels right, like peanut-butter and jelly, I'm sure Jen would appreciate the payday to. No doubt she's a great actress and no doubt she can star in a superhero movie, she was an incredible anti-hero in X-men: DOFP as Mystique.

I for one could definetly see Jen flying through the air shooting lighting at Ultrons evil minions, cracking wise in old Viking language, and rocking badass Norse armor. I hope you feel the same Jen, because Thor does die in the comics (depending on what universe your in) and the new Lady Thor takes up Mjölnir and becomes defender of the nine relms. Not saying Chris Hemsworth's Thor is going to die in the MCU, but if he does, there's potential Jennifer, LOTS of potential.

In conclusion....

Well there you go, if you were wondering where the Nick Fury, War Machine, Falcon, Agent Hill's re-castees are, I didn't do them (Samual L. Jackson cannot be replaced, EVER), only sticking to the core characters for this one. Age of Ultron was a fantastic movie, some people would speculate it didn't live up to the hype but I believe it did the best it could with what it had. Now if we had used my cast it probebly would have been just as, if not more, enjoyable. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but my Avengers squad is looking pretty legit (commence horn tooting)! Hope you guys enjoyed it, hope the crew here on moviepilot gives this a look, maybe even a marvel CEO? I would be happy to direct a MCU movie, just throwing that out there. Have a good day my friends and stay heroic!


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