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The Hunger Games Films are coming to an end this year with the final chapter, Mockingjay Pt. 2. We have gotten a trailer recently, and I'm ready to break it down.

Here's the trailer:

Watched it? Good, let's start


We start off with Finnick and Annie's marriage. In the crowd we can see Plutarch, Effie, Haymitch, and Coin. Katniss is narrating:

Nothing good is safe while Snow's alive.

This is obviously the whole marriage scene. If you haven't read the books, Finnick and Annie get married in a very happy moment in the series.

Next we see Effie preparing Katniss in rebel-like clothes. This could be the execution scene for President Snow, or maybe Katniss is preparing to go down into the districts.

Snow must pay for what he's done

Now Katniss and Coin are talking in the same briefing room from the first movie . Is this before the Capitol Raid? Or is it after while they're deciding Snow's fate?

The next shot is a plane flying into a city that looks like the Capitol. This is obviously the raid scene. This is probably when they're flying in for the first time.

Now we have Boggs talking to Katniss in a district. There are way too many ruins for this to be the Capitol.

Katniss and Gale are now attending some sort of rally? I don't remember anything like this in the books, maybe it's an added scene? Tell me in the comments if you think of this or if I'm not remembering something.

We all have one enemy

Katniss begins her speech to the districts, the one with that famous line you'll hear soon. As this is going, we see President Snow, his adviser, and several other men rise from a table with glasses in their hands. Poison anybody? Or is he toasting to the Capitols victory in something.

He corrupts everyone and everything

Katniss is now seen speaking in front of the districts. Peacekeepers are also seen moving people along. I hope this means we get to see more District Uprisings like the first movie. Cause who didn't love the lumberers climbing trees and blowing up the peacekeepers?

He turns the best of us against each other

This part is a little mysterious. There is a lady who kind of looked like Effie, but when I paused it, it wasn't her at all. She is surrounded by other people as well. The only difference, her clothes seem much more royal than those around her. Maybe these are rebels going for an execution? Did she betray the Capitol?

Then we see somebody looking through a window to see Peacekeepers blowing up a building that looks like it belongs to the Capitol. Are they searching for Katniss and her allies?

Now this next part definitely shows the Capitol, and a group of people walking through stands towards the main pedestal thingy that Snow welcomes the tributes on. Has the Capitol been taken back already? Or is this an execution scene where Capitol citizens are realizing the wrongs of their ways and are fighting against Snow.

Tonight, turn your weapons to the Capitol

Now we see that this group is Katniss and friends, so this could be Snow's execution taking place.

We see Peetah and Katniss hug. Peetah definitely doesn't look too good, but better than when we saw him at the end of Part 1.

Some more action as Katniss hits a Peacekeeper and we see a truck explode. This will be full of action for those who hated the fact that Part 1 didn't have as much.

My dear Miss Everdeen

Finally! I've been waiting to hear Snow's voice again! In this scene, Katniss looks up to see a plane coming in. She is hooded, so maybe she's disguising herself, but which plane is that? Is it the plane that crushed the hearts of everyone who read the book? Maybe.

Make no mistake

Snow doing his creepy smile while sitting in a.... Garden? Meanwhile, Gale and Katniss run away from yet another explosion in the Capitol. I'm getting excited for the final sequence of this movie.

Then we see someone on Katniss's team step on the floor and it slowly sinks into the ground. That would probably be those exploding tiles that do crazy stuff to you. Boggs will let you know.

Then we see Team Katniss running away from some black goo or something, which means only one thing, DEATH!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games

Finnick then takes the pleasure of killing all of us with his final line. Thanks Finnick.

That was the trailer for [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866), are you excited for the final installment in the Hunger Games Series?


Excited for Mockingjay Part 2?


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