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Ghosts are all around us! Or are they…? There are tons of ghost and paranormal films, but only a few have been inspired by true events, and this week on the Mario Likes Movies Podcast, we delve into them and their validity.

Whether or not ghosts exist is yours to decide. Many believe they do, others vehemently disagree, although just about everyone knows someone who will tell you they have experienced some sort of strange phenomena in their lives. Does that give credence to the stories, or is it just a side-effect of our death-fearing society?

Listen to the full episode here: Mario Likes Movies Episode 63: True Ghost Stories and The Movies Inspired By Them

In a story originally heard on the Expanded Perspectives Podcast, we begin with the true account of an EVP experience, told by Rick Dodson, concerning numerous haunting telephone calls he received in his life.

The article can be found here: The Epoch Times

The Conjuring & More

Following this tale, we move onto the stories of Ed & Lorraine Warren. Once the most famous ghost hunting team of all time, they are now discredited and called charlatans. More films have been created via stories from The Warrens than anyone else. They are the ghost hunting team behind the true stories of The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Amityville Horror and A Haunting In Connecticut.

a photo from Ed’s Relic Room, of the actual Annabelle doll.
a photo from Ed’s Relic Room, of the actual Annabelle doll.

An American Haunting

Another of the most famous hauntings ever is The Bell Witch. Having tormented John Bell and his family from 1817 through 1821, the entity seemed hell bent on John Bells demise, and supposedly succeeded in it’s task. The phenomenon began with loud banging on the outside of their home, voices and singing could be heard though the house, escalating to physical attacks in the night, and culminating in the death of John Bell. The ghost verbally taking credit for his death, after a vial of poison was found next to his bed. This story was the inspiration for the film An American Haunting, starring Donald Sutherland.

Even President Andrew Jackson was so enthralled by the tale, he went out to the Bell home, and had a paranormal experience of his own on the way there, with the witch stopping his wagon dead in its tracks.

The full account, and more can be found at:

The Entity

Doris Bither claimed to be physically attacked, and raped, by a demonic presence in her home. Her children were also attacked by this force, which was the inspiration for the Barbara Hershey film ‘The Entity.’

a photo taken by an investigator, of a mysterious “rainbow” of light, seen over Doris Bither in her home.
a photo taken by an investigator, of a mysterious “rainbow” of light, seen over Doris Bither in her home.

This week in the news:

Mary Ellen Trainor, actress of many many films such as ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘The Goonies,’ ‘The Monster Squad’ and ‘Die Hard,’ died after a battle with pancreatic cancer this week.

V/H/S segment ‘Amateur Night’ to be made into a feature film!

Blumhouse Pictures picks up Eli Roths ‘The Green Inferno.’

Marvel casts John Bernthal as Frank Castle for “Daredevil’ Season 2.

First look at the artwork for Independence Day 2!!


Medicine – Time Baby III
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
Opeth – Death Whispered A Lullaby
Collide – Euphoria
Poe – Haunted

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