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Marvel has been doing some work recently getting things geared up for next year.

We found out that Punisher is DEFINITELY coming to their Netflix set, starting with an appearance on DareDevil. And that he will be played by Walking Dead Alum Jon Bernthal. I love this casting choice myself. He has that hard, grizzled appearance. That dark demeanor. Roles I have seen him in he brings the gravitas that a role like Frank Castle needs.

Now today we find out that Marvel has tabbed Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor for the role of Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange.

Now this casting is definitely another one of Marvel's choices that comes out of left field. Mordo has typically been portrayed as a more Eastern European or even slightly Asian character; so casting Ejiofor in this role is quite a change up. But I like this one as well. If you have seen the Firefly-spun movie Serenity you know Ejiofor can carry himself as an antagonist VERY well. His cold portrayal as the Operative was unforgettable to me. So I look forward to seeing him opposite Benedict Cumberbatch's Strange. These two are both great grabs for Marvel, and to be able to have them in the same character's story is amazing.

As for other recent thoughts, it was both immediately awesome and then disappointing to see Jason Statham mentioned for Bullseye and then see his comments about Marvel movies. I felt he would have been almost perfect for that role. I'm not sure who I would feel fits the role best; perhaps fellow Transporter actor Chris Vance??

Bryce Dallas Howard want to throw her name into the ring for Cpt. Marvel. While she wouldn't be in my first list of choices, I don't think she would be terrible for the role either. Personally I still lean towards either Kathryn Winnick or Natalie Dormer.

There had been the other recent rumor that Matthew McConaughey was being eyed to play the MCU Norman Osbourne. Now this one is definitely a curious one. I love McConaughey. I think he is still an extremely underrated actor. I would love to have him in the Marvel family. But I just don't know that a role like Osborne is where I see him fitting in. Personally I think he could be a better fit for Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel that Carol Danvers gets her powers from.

Anyways, these are just a few of my thoughts and whatnot on some of Marvel's recent rumors and news. Like What I've said, cool. Disagree?? That's ok too. Let me know what you think down below...and as always, Read On Comic Lovers.


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