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For a film with cloudiness at its core, there were some pretty clear thoughts on celebrity culture…

[Spoiler alert!]

“I’ll take the heat; I’ll be the home wrecker.”

The 2012 scandal, anybody?

This bit is actually spoken by Chloe Moretz (whose part Kristen was offered, but preferred Val), about her own affair with a married man, but it does bring to mind the brutal treatment of Kristen by the tabloids and commentators the world over. Rupert Sanders, despite being the married, older one in a position of authority got off pretty scot free. Even the very word “home wrecker” suggests there was only one active participant.

“Looks like we beat the cockroaches.”

Kristen actually called the papz this as she made her way into a hotel, much like she is doing with Juliette Binoche’s character here. Maybe she had some script input.

Temper tantrum

When Maria researches Jo-Ann, she stumbles upon a video clip of her hauling herself at a car that is tailing her, screaming obscenities and threats. Though Kristen has never acted quite as aggressively, she did shout and swear at paid stalkers from the safety of being behind a rather large fence.

“You do realise the papz are gonna be all over her.”

Grief sells. As does secret romance. When the death of a friend and colleague of Maria’s reaches her as she is en route to an event to be held in his honour, Val serves up this slice of truth, which Kristen knows all about, having been hounded by papz while in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, the hounded for a reaction to no longer being in a relationship with Robert Pattinson

The lesbian undertones.

If you believe that coffee runs and mild bodily contact with a close friend are a big statement about your sexuality, then Kristen’s real life reflects the ambiguity surrounding Maria and Val’s relationship.

Keyboard Warriors

“I thought we despised the internet?” Val tells Maria when she takes in some gossip she hears via the www about Jo-Ann.

And when the story about Wihelm’s death starts trending, the inevitable wisdom nuggets from all over the world work their way onto Val’s iPhone.

“What do the comments say?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

We see negativity or indifference expressed in comments sections so often, regardless of the sensitivity of the subject.

Kristen has been the target of the gossip and the hate campaigns, with even Robert Pattinson coming to her defense, deeming them all geeks hiding behind their computer screens.

The casino chat

Between spins, over beer and sandwiches, Val and Maria talk about Jo-Ann and the big superhero movie that’s brought her fame.

Despite being continually shut down by Maria, Val brings forward a good point about how it doesn’t matter if a movie happens to be a big franchise or a little indie film, as long as the actor brings everything they can to the role.

Kristen herself became most known for a certain super human franchise, though she also went on to Snow White, another bigger budget affair. Wherever you stand on Twilight, it has to be said that Kristen threw herself into her role as Bella as much as she did any of her smaller budget parts. Rather than try to distance herself from what was supposed to be closer to the little indie mould, but blew up, she still appreciates the saga for its role in her journey.

So, Kristen not only got a French Oscar (Yes, it still counts) for Clouds of Sils Maria, but due to the cathartics outlined, she must’ve saved a s**t ton on shrinks!


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