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I went to the cinema a couple of times to watch Poltergeist. I got all excited when I heard there was a remake of the 1982 Poltergeist. Also was quite skeptical, Remakes arn’t always as good as the original I love all horror but I get excited when it comes to highly promoted and talked about a lot. I went once to see it in 3D and then again in 2D. I wanted to get a look at both. I have to say I do prefer 2D due to the fact I don’t have to wear those annoying 3D glasses over my own. Plus not sure what possessed me to sit at the back of the cinema in a premier seat.

The Bowen family (Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett and Kennedi Clements) move into a suburban home. Not knowing that is going to be haunted by evil forces of the people in the graveyard under where their home was built on. They were told that their home was built on the graveyard and the copses and headstones removed.

Griffin and his sister Maddison (Kennedi Clements) are the first ones to notice things going wrong. With Maddison chatting with the TV and cupboard. Weird noises in Griffin’s room which is in the attic he has a few issues. The first night he hears scuffling noises and explores, and gets freaked out by the amount of clowns. He screams for his dad who too explores and comes across a squirrel. I really thought thats where the action was going to begin.

When the home starts making weird noises and the lights and electrical appliances turning on by themselves, they know something is very wrong.

On the night when Mum and Dad are out to dinner and left Kendra babysitting her brother and sister, This is where I started to enjoy and the intensity grew. That is the night when lots of action happens and the rise in intensity rose. Kendra gets stuck in the basement as she is exploring as to why her phone is going funny. Griffin in the attic room the window above his bed breaks and he gets pulled up into the tree and Maddison gets kidnapped by the spirits. But maddison is able to communicate via the TV.

At this point they are all beside themselves with worry, as their daughter had disapeared with no trace. So they call in Dr. Brooke Powell (Jane Adams), Sophie (Susan Heyward) and Boyd (Nicholas Braun) who are paranormal experts. As they are setting up their equipment strange happenings begin esp for Boyd who is working in Maddisons room in the cupboard. He gets pulled in and held as the spirits torture him with the drill. Then Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris) gets called in to work out to communicate with the spirits in hope to find Maddison.

They throw a rope through the closet and ties it to the wall and leading down to the living room ceiling to guide them to find Maddison, with help of Griffins drone with a camera attached to it. They find Maddison and then the spirits pull back her and the drones breaks. After arguing Griffin goes in to the other side to rescue her as he feels he is to blame.

Griffin finds maddie and they both fall through the ceiling once revived the family and paranormal experts think its over so the family packs up their bags gets in the car to drive to safety. But its not over the spirits drag them back in and grabs maddie again and the house begins to break down and goes into oblivion. Well again they are back out again and driving away watching their home disapear.

Found the family weren’t really a close family, there was a distance between them, wasn’t the best type of family.

This film was good but is never going to be as good as the original starring the late Heather O Rourke.

However I did enjoy the part with the squirrel and the action and work of the paranormal experts and graphics of the other realm and the search for Maddison.

If you like horror there are a lot more “scarier” horrors to watch. It was in cinema’s 22nd May and will be on VOD and DVD soon.

Thank you for reading my review and hope you enjoyed it.


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