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With Pitch Perfect 2 still raking in the audiences in theaters, it comes as no surprise that the third installment of the a cappella comedy franchise has officially been given the thumbs up by Universal Pictures!

Earlier this year, Rebel Wilson, who plays funny girl Fat Amy in the franchise, spilled the news that a third installment was already under consideration. Now that the news is official, fans can still expect hilarious and occasionally aca-awkward humor since Kay Cannon, the writer for the first two films, is currently on board to pen the third film as well.

Okay, now for the possible bad news... Although it seems that Rebel Wilson would be more than happy to hop back onto the a capella train as Fat Amy, there is still no word on whether or not Elizabeth Banks will take the lead as director once again or even if Anna Kendrick will return as the badass Becca Mitchell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, getting Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson to rejoin the franchise might prove difficult since they both received a whopping two million dollar contract for Pitch Perfect 2. Kendrick also always seemed hesitant of a sequel, let alone a third installment, stating that “comedy sequels are really hard to pull off.” But....

BREAKING NEWS! Beca and Amy are back!

Official edit: Despite doubts, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are officially on board for Pitch Perfect 3! If that wasn't great enough already, Elizabeth Banks will also be returning as producer and hopefully as the big-haired, sarcastic a cappella commentator Gail Abernathy-McKadden. Now the question is what will Beca possibly do in the new film if she supposedly finally "moved on"? Maybe she uses her new power as a talented producer to launch the Bellas from collegiate popularity to international super stardom! The Pentatonix did it, so why can't the Bellas?

On the bright side, we will likely not lose all of our Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3. The graduating Bellas passed the a cappella torch to freshman newcomer Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld) in the second film, indicating that the newest Bella will likely be taking up the helm of the singing group. This theory is further supported by the fact that Hailee Steinfeld was apparently locked into a follow-up film when she landed the role of Emily in Pitch Perfect 2.

Hailee would definitely make the perfect lead for Pitch Perfect 3! Check out her cover of Jessie J's 'Flashlight' below!

Kay Cannon and Universal Pictures are going against all odds with a third installment, but let's all cross our fingers and hope that they create something aca-awesome!

Make sure to mark your calendars because the a cappella party continues on July 21, 2017!


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