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Not the type of name that screams superhero is it? It's certainly doesn't have the same ring to it as Superman or Captain America, but Ant-Man is a superhero none the less (and a pretty darn good one may I add).

As you probably know, Ant-Man is in cinemas July 17, which is actually very close now! So many people (myself very much included) are totally ecstatic to see the new hero in action as well as the end of Marvel's Phase 2.


Strange as it may seem though, not everyone is hyped up for this film.

Ant-Man has had a troubled road to the silver screen; namely because of those infamous script re-writes that resulted with Edgar Wright leaving the production. Although Marvel did get past that hiccup and have probably made an awesome film, sadly the departure of Wright also meant the departure of some fan interest in the movie.

Rumors of actors wanting to leave and unhappiness in the Ant-Man camp spread like wildfire. No director wanted to take on the job for a while until Reed stepped in just about in time for shooting. So for a long time the film was continuously dubbed the name 'Marvel's first potential flop'.

However, over the past few months Marvel have been clawing back the interest in the film, little by little. Firstly with some stunning visual trailers that have set the humorous tone for the movie. Check out one of the new TV spots below!

From the trailers it looks pretty good so far and a lot more people are starting to want to give Ant-Man the old college try!

Although there's still a lot of negativity about the film. I hear stuff all the time from people like "how is a guy who can shrink supposed to fight crime with the Avengers?" and "what use would Ant-Man be compared to Thor?" etc, etc, etc.

While Marvel haven't really answered these questions, they have given us three awesome posters that picture Ant-Man standing amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes (or at least their stuff). You can almost picture them together when Phase 3 rolls on in. Check out the posters below!

The New Science Bros? Banner won't be happy...
The New Science Bros? Banner won't be happy...
Ant-Man and Mjolnir: Is he worthy?
Ant-Man and Mjolnir: Is he worthy?
Ant-Man on the Shield!
Ant-Man on the Shield!

These posters are an unbelievably smart move by Marvel to sell Ant-Man! What better way to bring in an audience to a lesser known hero than to pull out your big guns (the Avengers) in the promotion art?

Of course, none of the Avengers are going to be in Ant-Man as far as we know and if they are it will be a cameo or a short appearance at the end. Although these posters are an exciting way to recognize that Ant-Man is a part of the MCU and he will most likely play a huge role in Phase 3. Of course Ant-Man is confirmed for Civil War, so maybe the poster with him on Stark's shoulder could become a reality? Here's hoping!

Marvel posters are usually quite boring if I'm honest, none in the past have really grabbed my attention and made me go, "I NEED TO WATCH THIS!!"

YAWN! Although I love the movie!
YAWN! Although I love the movie!

Marvel seem to love using the standard, generic posters that don't really grab the reader; it's just a bunch of floating heads looking in different directions to me (sorry RDJ, had to be said). However these new posters seem to suggest that Marvel are starting to deviate from the generic posters which is a very exciting.

These Ant-Man posters are the first Marvel posters that have really sold the movie to me. They're extremely creative and really capture the fun that should come from an Ant-Man movie.

I can't wait for July 17th any longer!!


What do you think of the new posters?

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