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Main Actors:

Nathan Kress: Adam Rider

Patricia Heaton: Molly Rider

Rupert Grint: Zach Thomas

Storyline: A boy named Adam Rider (Nathan Kress), who's life is a hard enough from experiencing a abusive father and having to go through life being bullied while trying to make his mother, Molly Rider (Patricia Heaton) happy with all the horrific events that happen to him and his mother. During one day, Adam's life was about to be turned around by a black sludge that seems to be out of this Earth, that goes into Adam's body and through his blood stream and throughout his body making him have healing factors and super human abilities; running on walls, super jumping, and almost to no fall damage with a little of anger issue by the black sludge. When he has discovered his power, he realizes that he can be a hero and to show his mother, schoolmates, and the city (Los Angeles) that he and everybody else is not ordinary but unique in their own way. But Zach Thomas (Rupert Grint) doesn't think so and he outcasts everyone and his family because nobody finds him a good son, friend, or person. But he finds the other part of the sludge that has turn Rupert into a monster and causes mayhem which brings Adam to help him realize that his life was just like his and that he can help him be a good person and that everything that Zach believes is just in his head. Its the major event of L.A.

Timeline: 2015

Universe: Marvel Universe


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