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Spoiler alert: this article contains details of the most recent episodes of the Flash.

We may have to wait until October to see Barry Allen back on our screens, but that doesn't mean that we won't be getting all kinds of juicy tidbits to keep us going through the long summer months!

Latest of which comes via TVLine, who report that season 2 will see a new female cast member and love interest for the fastest man alive.

The CW hit is casting the major recurring role of Wendy, a “spunky, fun and funny” romantic interest for one Barry Allen.
A cop for the Central City PD, Wendy is described as bright and scientific-minded — more specifically, “Think ‘Felicity Smoak’ from Arrow,”


Thus far, Barry hasn't been too lucky in love, despite a few candidates for his affections. In the first season (and in his initial appearances in Arrow), it seemed that Felicity Smoak herself would be the perfect woman for him. Both awkwardly adorable and incredibly smart, they were on the path to relationshipville until Barry's lightning strike and subsequent coma. Felicity just wasn't able to spend the time she would have liked in Central City, as she was too busy helping the Arrow, and dealt with some jealous twinges when hearing about the time Iris was spending with him in the hospital. And, of course, there is that little matter of her being madly in love with Oliver Queen. It just wasn't meant to be.

He then had a brief fling with Linda Park, a reporter who works with Iris, but despite his best efforts, being the Flash always got in the way. It's the standard tale of superhero relationship woe - can't tell her, and can't explain the distance and cancelled plans. Linda (rightly) assumed that he still had feelings for Iris, and called the whole thing off.

Then there is Iris herself. The love of his life, and revealed to be married in a potential future, Barry and Iris just can't seem to get it together. Everybody knows he loves her, but her relationship with Eddie has always stood in the way... until now! When Eddie shot himself in the Season One finale, Iris was heartbroken, but those fans who are waiting for the West-Allen name to emerge were secretly thrilled to see her available again.

Now that Wendy is entering the picture, we're sure to see some more Barry/Iris conflict and yearning. Iris needs time to grieve for Eddie, but if she takes too long, Barry could be with someone else, and she'll end up the jealous third wheel.

All of which is the joy of TV relationships - the will they/won't they dynamic, the near misses, the feeling that eventually, finally, they just have to end up with each other. It's going to make for phenomenal watching!

On top of which, I'm always happy to see more amazing women on TV and in comic book shows. Felicity Smoak is one of my favorite characters, and having a second Smoak can only be a good thing - not to mention the potential rivalry between these two women. Felicity ran away with Oliver, and while it was an amazing end to the season, I have little doubt that they will return. However, if it takes a while, who is to say that Wendy won't already have taken a place very much like Felicity's. How will she feel if she isn't as special as she has been in the past, especially when it seems that everyone else around her has some kind of superpower?

I cannot wait to see who is cast as Wendy, and how this new character is going to play out in the CW DC-universe. October can't come soon enough!

The Flash returns to the CW October 6th


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