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Lauren Victoria

I really can't guffaw over this enough. Seriously one of the best films I've seen in a while. This fantastic modern re working of a classic spy movie definitely has my thumbs up!

The plot surrounds itself around Harry (Colin Firth) a classic gentleman and a top notch spy who owes a debt to a dead colleague and his family. He picks up his dead colleague's son in a prison cell, hoping to pay his debt, he puts the rough adolescent into training to be a Kingsman, like his father. The unruly youth Eggsy surprises everyone by succeeding in his new venture, learning many new tricks and trades on the way. Meanwhile, Harry, sets out to figure out the death of another well loved colleague and comes into some misfortune. In Harry's absence, Eggsy takes up the trail and finds himself coming face to face with a charismatic villain that's scared of blood, intent on 'culling' the majority of the human race. It's then a race against time for Eggsy and his team of two to save the world.

This entire film is filled with British wit and charm, artistic portrayals of otherwise quite serious scenes and an all star cast. The imaginative new gadgets simply make me want to hunt down the Kingsman and join up! The grand humor has you laughing from start to finish and the brilliant cast only magnify the enjoyable experience that this movie gives.

I really don't have one bad word to say about this movie.


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