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The Avengers characters often get fan redesigns. They're mostly costume redo's: give Iron Man a new set of armor or Thor a more flowing cape and hair. There is no attempt to relocate them outside of their space and time.

The better ones will place them in another world -- steampunk them up, futurize them some.

The latest enjoyable Avengers re-imagining comes from Malaysian based digital artist Daniel Kamarudin who takes the art name The Durrrrian.

The Durrrrian has placed the Avengers crew squarely in the fantasy genre, historically somewhere near a darker Medieval period. He has roughed them up, given them a darker and sadder edge that makes you wonder about their origin stories.

Actually this a redesign of a 2012 redesign that The Durrrrian had done.

My favorites:

  • A kilt clad Hulk adorned with tribal mutilations and full flush facial brush.
  • An avian-looking Hawkeye with a magically phosphorescent bow and arrow.
  • A pensive, armored to the hilt Black Widow with deadly double blades.
  • An anatomically distressed looking Ultron armored only in leather flares.
  • A dark knight Captain America dressed in clad armor and a flowing regal cape. Perhaps an unlawfully disposed king or price fighting to get back his rightful kingdom?
  • A more Odin looking Thor.
  • A Man in the Iron Mask looking Iron Man looking for revenge on his former jailers.

Which are your favorites?

Iron Man, The sorcerer of snark

Almighty Thor

Captain New World

Ultron the stringless

Black Widow


The Vision, Knowledge incarnate

Scarlet Witch

Hulk the bloodied titan

Quicksilver the Wraithbrand


Which Avenger Is Your Favorite?

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