ByRuben Meloney Acuña, writer at
Ruben Meloney Acuña

Today is a sad day for anyone who loved The Golden Girls. Let's take a moment of silence for Rue McClanahan, also known as Blanche Devereaux. She was an award winning actress who brought the sexually liberated Southern belle Blanche to life. She passes away this morning at 1 a.m. at the age of 76. She had suffered a minor stroke earlier this year after recovering from a bypass surgery, and this strong woman had undergone treatment for breast cancer in 1997 then later went on to give lectures for cancer support groups. Her cause of death was a massive stroke with her family by her side. It was said by her manager that she went in peace. This was over Five years ago and her death is barely getting noticed the Actress passed away in New York City in 2010. I think this should have been broad casted and made viral in 2010 i dont think any one gave her the respect she clearly deserved. May she rest in paradise. Blanche has left the building. All i can say now is "Thank you for being a friend."


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