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Welcome to, a brand new platform that has been called many things; A social experiment, a digital venue, an artistic experience, or a way to connect with the people who inspire us; but the one thing VyRT can't be called is boring.

VyRT, short for "virtual" is a revolutionary new website that brings both live streaming media and pre-recorded material to the masses. Whether it's music, concerts, movies, comedy acts, regularly scheduled weekly TV or live shows, or an artist creating a space to keep an open line of communication with their fans; you come to take in content while chatting with others who share a common interest.

(The platform was created by Jared Leto, who you might recognize from movies such as Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, Dallas Buyers Club and the upcoming Suicide Squad. What a lot of people don't know is that projects such as this aren't new to him, as he himself owns 3 companies and assists and advises in the running of many more.)

Curious? Below is the trailer for an upcoming event and few examples of the more recent ones.

Church of Mars in London. An exclusive event that was open to a very limited crowd. It is being made available in streaming HD in the near future. Tickets are on sale now.

VyRT: Live at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and AFI. While all three bands played for a crowd of over 17,000 people, the concert was also being streamed lived on from nearly a dozen HD cameras.

Brendan Brazier's Thrive; a two time Canadian 50k champion runner and health advocate, hosted a show with P90x's Tony Horton on improving diet and lifestyle.

Into the Wild; A 17 episode documentary series chronicling the worlds longest rock tour. The trailer makes it look like it's all about the music, but like its predecessor Artifact, it's also about the journey and experiences that changed their lives.

The Jonas Brothers, Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Linkin Park, Ryan Cabrera feat. We The Kings, ZEDD, Boy Epic, The Janoskians, Greek Fire and many other bands and artists have utilized this platform to connect to their fans. It has been used to stream concerts, launch CD's, watch movies...and best of all, the live webcam chats with the artists and actors themselves.

(Sometimes artists even take you into their homes)

While it may appear that A lot of the content is 30 Seconds to Mars related, Copyright restrictions prevent me from sharing footage from a lot of other artist's air-time.

Since Jared Leto is the mastermind behind this new platform, he uses his band and himself to test the website and push it to its limits regularly. But if 30 Seconds to Mars isn't your thing, take a swing by, push that little triangle in the top left corner, and check out all the other pages. The "Vault" lets you purchase HD downloads/streams of any past action so you never miss a moment; it also comes with 2 freebies just for making an account and checking the website out.


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