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What fresh hell is this.

After a fantastic first season of The Flash, many fans have been wondering what is next for the Scarlet Speedster after that intense season finale. With Barry possibly going into a different universe, many new stories will take place, with new characters to join the main cast of the show. Season two of the show is beginning to ramp up production and casting calls are beginning to go out. One casting call is looking to cast for the role of Wendy, a new love interest for Barry in season two. Wendy is described as "spunky, fun, and funny" with a "bright personality and a scientific mind." Think Felicity Smoak from Arrow.

Let's stop right there.

Season one of The Flash succeeded best because it wasn't trying to hard to focus on a love story, unlike the third season of Arrow. The story in season three of Arrow was bogged down too much because of the love stories between both Felicity and Ray Palmer, dubbed "Raylicity" by fans, and Felicity and Oliver, dubbed "Olicity." In fact, some of the best moments from season three of Arrow came from the brief appearances of The Flash in certain episodes. Also, the character of Felicity has received a lot of negative attention due to her poor portrayal from the previous seasons to this one. The Flash needs someone like Linda Park, Barry's brief girlfriend from the first season. Someone different from Iris, Felicity, and even Caitlin Snow. Someone who doesn't need to cause much drama because she has her own thing going on and doesn't have time to play games.

However, in more interesting news, The Flash is looking to cast for the role of "John Clark,” a “classically handsome, square-jawed hero in his 30s to early 40s, a slightly cynical man ‘with an edge.’” Reports suggests that this might be a placeholder name and a slight nod to the DC Comics resident of the same name, who himself has worked on any number of heroes belonging to the All-Star Squadron, The Shadow and Infinity Inc. from the comics. While this is pure speculation, it isn't impossible to think that Jay Garrick could make an appearance in season two, after his Easter Egg moment during the season finale of the first season. We are going to meet more speedsters in season two and it would be great to think we could meet the original Flash.


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