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Sir Christopher Lee, a great actor and an even greater man, has died at 93 years of age, leaving behind a vast group of supporters and a loving audience.

He was taken to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London for respiratory problems and heart failure, and then died at 8.30 am on Sunday.

This seemed to come out of nowhere because his wife, Birgit Kroencke, withheld the information until family and friends could be notified.

Christopher Lee was known as The Master of Horror, probably because of his role as Dracula in the Horrors of Dracula, which is what spearheaded him into playing other villainous characters. He said he enjoyed playing the darker characters because they were "more interesting".

Here are some of Christopher Lee's best, and most memorable roles through cinema history.

The Curse of Frankenstein: The Creature

One of Christopher Lee's first major roles was as The Creature in the 1950's retelling of Frankenstein. It seems that Terence Fisher, the director, liked him enough to cast him in another one of his films, which would then change his career for the better.

Horror of Dracula: Dracula

After The Curse of Frankenstein, Terence cast Christopher Lee in one of his next films, Horror of Dracula. It is said that Christopher Lee's role as Dracula is what changed his career. He went from a small time actor to a great time actor and then became a legend.

The Man With the Golden Gun: Scaramanga

Continuing in his path of the villain, Christopher Lee played a smooth, manipulative bad guy in one of the James Bond movies. In one of his interviews, he describes the importance of making the audience believe in you as a villain.

"You have to convince the audience that what you're doing and what you're saying has a degree of possibility or probability about it." --Christopher Lee

The Last Unicorn: King Hagard

Perhaps a lesser known role of his is as King Haggard in The Last Unicorn. Christopher Lee lends his voice to the haggard king and brings to life the tortured, unhappy man who is desperate to keep the unicorns of the world to himself.

The Lord of the Rings: Saruman

Fun Fact: Christopher Lee knew J.R.R. Tolkien, who promised him the role of Gandalf should a live action movie ever be made.

Well, that didn't happen, but I can't see anyone else taking his place as the corrupted White Wizard Saruman.

Star Wars: Count Dooku

And who could forget the veteran's duel with Obi-Wan and Anakin before being betrayed by his master, and killed by his enemy?

Alice in Wonderland: The Jabberwocky

Everyone freaked out when Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Smaug. Fanart of him becoming a dragon popped up everywhere, but I'm just going to say...

Christopher Lee did it first...though technically not a dragon.

But then...before that. There was Sean Connery (Dragon Heart).

Heavy Metal

If you check out Christopher Lee's IMDB page, you will find his Filmography (list of jobs). In it you will realize that he was not only an actor for film, but did video games and theatre. But his interests didn't stop there.

Let's not forget that he proved himself an even cooler dude when he released his metal album, which was actually pretty awesome. Did you know he could sing? Because I didn't, and he sounds legit.

The 11th: Lars Ole Hansen

But what happens with his latest casting in The 11th, set to be released in 2016? No one will ever be able to replace Christopher Lee, but it will be interesting to see who accepts the challenge of taking over for him in what would have been his next movie.

Angels in Notting Hill: The Boss, Mr. President

And on a very sober note, and quite a beautiful parallel to our end with this great commanding individual, Christopher Lee's final words in his last film...

"I will dream of you. Have a good life...and that's it..."

Good bye Sir Christopher Lee.

Thank you for the amazing journey.


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