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Remember that awesome Mad Max-esque Harley Quinn cosplayer? If not click that link and take a gander, then get back over here. I'll wait.

Awesome, right? Well, I was lucky enough to be able to ask the cosplayer herself, Shantel Knight, five questions, and I thought I would share her answers with you guys along with some more cosplay photos because, I mean, c'mon.

1. What inspired you to start and do you remember your very first costume?

Another cosplayer Linda Le, inspired me to start. My first costume was Chii from Chobits.

2. Are you mostly self-taught?


3. How long did the Harley costume take to make?

A couple of days. I was in a rush and it was last minute xD

4. Have you ever had any negative experiences during a con either because of a costume or some other reason?

Nothing about my costumes but behind the scenes of cons can get pretty intense when it comes to bad experiences, but I won't name names.

5. What's the most important piece of advice you think you have for anyone who wants to start cosplaying?

Just have fun!

One look at these cosplay photos and it's easy to see why she's quickly become one of my favorites and why her Facebook fan page has over 23k likes. Thank you to Shantel Knight for answering my questions. Keep being awesome!


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