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- AWESOME-CON 2015 - The Full Experience -

Last weekend, Saturday May 30th 2015; I went to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and went to this awesome experience called "Awesome-Con". It had comics, it had celebrities, it had epic panels and tons and tons of hardcore fans that are willing to do cosplay and make sets suited for everyone to be able to enjoy and be entertained. I went to 3 different panels, I bought a couple cool items, and I was able to meet so many amazing people that I know will help further me in my career and with being able to expand my experience totally!

So hopefully you enjoy this Awesome-Con Experience through my VLOG and Review, please leave a like below if you do!! And thanks for subscribing ;)

Panels Attended -

1) How To Survive The Summer Movies Season Of 2015

2) Awesome Filmmakers: Making it Happen

3) Dark Awakening: A Star Wars Fan Film & Dark Awakening: The Making of a Fan Film

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Awesome-Con Youtube Channel -

Awesome-Con Website:


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